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Easter Craft: Egg Carton Bunnies

For a fun Easter activity to do with the kids, make these cute Easter bunnies painted in bright, spring colours. Fill them with chocolate eggs for a real treat!

Holiday Wreath

instructions, supply list and youtube video to make this Christmas wreath

Peppermint Tree

Instructions to create fun Peppermint Christmas trees to compliment your holiday decor!

Fall Table Centrepiece

Supply list and directions to create a Fall table centerpiece.

Quick & Easy Centerpiece for Easter

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: VaseDifferent sized plastic Easter...

Fish Bowl Santa Claus

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Artificial snow2 Fish bowlsMini village...

Wood Wreath Snowman

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: 2 Wood wreaths (or grapevine wreaths)White spray...

Springtime Spritzers

CUCUMBER Ingredients 1 cucumber 4 ice cubes 100 ml white...

Easter Bread

INGREDIENTS 1 ¼ oz packet active dry yeast (2¼ tsp) 6 cups...

Italian Easter Cookies

INGREDIENTS 3 cups all-purpose flour 2 tsp baking powder ¼...

Honey Glazed Ham

INGREDIENTS 1 (10lb) fully-cooked, bone-in ham 1 ¼ cups dark...

Oven Roasted Asparagus

INGREDIENTS 1 bunch thin asparagus, trimmed 3 tbsp olive oil 1...

Loving Local

The wonderful thing about GSC Orangeville is that whether frozen or not, the food and meals they deliver are delicious. Meals like steak stir-fry, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, BBQ Ribs (one of my personal favourites), soups, salads, and many gluten-free options – and vegetarian too!

Wonderfully Warm & Cozy Mulled Drinks

Ingredients and directions to make some wonderfully warm and cozy mulled drinks.

Ask the Beauty Expert: Making Sense of Medical Esthetic Treatments

Medical spas are a great way to improve your appearance and confidence. There are so many options, how do you know which one is right for you? You may find a medical esthetics spa (medi-spa) that promises crazy results that cannot be achieved. Treatments are also an investment so you want to ensure you’re making the right decision for you.

Ask the Health Expert: Breaking the Grip of Long Covid

Stress occurs when the sympathetic nervous system overpowers the parasympathetic nervous system keeping the body in a prolonged state of “fight or flight” which revs up the body. This response is designed for short term survival and not for prolonged stress or up regulation which is directly related to many chronic diseases as well as “Covid 19” [Portzionato 2020].

Ask the Beauty Expert: Taking Care of Those Often Neglected Body Parts

We put time into looking our best. We pay attention to our hair colour, apply creams and sunscreens to our faces, stay out of the sun, eat healthy and exercise. However, we need to consider that if we only focus on our face and neglect our hands, neck and chest, we can actually look older than our years.

Ask the Health Expert: Thymus & Adaptive Immunity

These days it is obvious that the strength and health of our immune system is of primary importance. When our immune system is suppressed or not functioning properly, we are less able to defend ourselves against the onslaught of infections, pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and toxins that assail us every day.

Ask the Beauty Expert: Mistakes to Avoid with Skin Care

In the world of skin care there is no lack of advice as to what you MUST do.  Quite often this is disguised within advertising. Between recommendations for the latest trendy product and suggestions from family and friends, there is a long list of what needs to be done to achieve flawless skin. 

You Never Finish Learning

The true beauty of education, however runs deeper – because although education means you’re investing in yourself (to invest in your clients), it also means that you’re never entirely on your own. Whether you’re pursuing further degree programs, utilizing online tutorials or working with a larger company, you are creating a network of resources that you can refer back to whenever you need.

Ask the Health Expert: Frequencies & The Body

In human studies when a participant listened to the “miracle note” or the “love” frequency, {528Hz} frequency levels of cortisol significantly decreased! The energy of the earth vibrates at this same frequency.

It is believed the body is in harmony when vibrating at 65-75Hz. We are actually generating electromagnetic energy even when still.

Unforgettable Summer Picnic Ideas

To make your picnic truly special, you need to put in some extra effort and planning. These helpful tips and ideas can make your summer picnics stand out, assisting you in choosing the perfect location, ambiance, and activities. So, grab your picnic basket and begin!

Artist Feature: Michael Pape

Compassion is one of the easiest things to give, and it can be given freely. It’s not a question of changing your whole life, but rather appraising your actions and thinking beyond them. As we get caught in the day to day, it’s easy to forget about the world beyond our own lives. Michael and his art simply ask you to take a few moments to remember, and to be kind.

Finding the Soul in the “Ordinary”

One of the highest compliments that Nicole has received came from a friend and fellow artist who told her that her work has soul. This comment has continued to resonate with Nicole because, at the end of the day, that has been her goal with her work.

Casa Loma

The legend of Casa Loma and its prominent place in the geographic and historical place in Toronto is shrouded in mystery and confusion, perhaps perpetuated by the fact that it was indeed designed as a “fantasy castle” by an eccentric millionaire in the heart of the city, changing hands in ownership many times over the course of a century.

Wychwood Park Magic

Wychwood Park is a few minutes drive and an easy walk west, crossing Bathurst Street, from Casa Loma along Davenport Road. It is a private and gated residential community of about 60 homes, that was essentially one of the first of the planned communities in Canada.

The Birth of the Muscle Car

here is a love affair with the muscle car, and it’s not just in the United States. It’s a global love affair. For over 50 years, the American muscle car has captured the imagination and the desire of hot-blooded men and their need for speed.

Twenty Years & Counting: The Misty Meadows Market Story

Twenty years is a long time. It’s enough time for a reputable organization to build a solid reputation, or for a new born baby to grow into a fully grown adult. Heck, for many animals, twenty years is most, if not all, of their life span.

Peaceful Valley Farm: Functional Beauty

While many people would find the task of remodeling their home on their own (with the help of contractors where needed) daunting, Brenda and Tom loved it. They loved hunting out the pieces that spoke to them, and digging into the challenge of transforming their home into something that worked for them. Their favourite rooms now (the kitchen, the master bath, etc.) own that title because they work for their lives so much better now, becoming beautiful and functional.

What Homeowners Should Know Before Planning a Renovation

Renovations can do wonders for your property value. Of course, to get the most out of your investment, you must plan ahead. Use the following tips to create a new home design that suits your needs.

Taking the “Overwhelm” Out of Your Renos

Michaela, the owner of Donato Décor, learnt early on just how much your space affects your mental wellbeing. Accessibility was a factor in her home growing up and she saw that even the smallest changes could have a large impact on a person’s quality of life and overall happiness.

Creating an Entertainers Dream Space

After reading an article about Airik and his team in Living Spaces & Lifestyles, they decided to give him a call and immediately knew they had found the right fit. “We knew immediately that Airik was the right person to help us to design and renovate our main floor space”, said Cindy. “He was honest, had lots of great ideas, and was not afraid to make suggestions if he felt we were on the wrong track. We could not be happier with the finished product”.

A Home Transformed By Unique, Refurbished Pieces

What I found most interesting about how Margaret went about finishing this featured space of living, dining, and family rooms was that Margaret sourced pieces from all over. “I love to hunt for unique bargains”, begins Margaret.

Christmas Corner

We thought this would be the perfect time to let our readers know about this hidden gem as the holiday season approaches. Wendy’s shop has something for everyone and for every budget. The most interesting thing is that the retail space has items that you would never find anywhere else.

Everything Old

Premier Home Upgrades Inc. is a family owned and operated construction company, providing high-end kitchen and bathroom remodels throughout Southern Ontario since 2011. Specializing in custom carpentry and millwork, they offer expert installation, as well as quality craftmanship and attention to detail from the initial planning stages right through to the finishing touches.

Owning a Pool Has Never Been So Easy!

Once upon a time, people could beat the city heat by escaping to their summer cottages. With meteoric rises in real estate prices, purchasing a second property is way out of reach for most folks. That cottage might be your “secondary residence,” but it is still property that needs to be maintained and great chunks of vacation time are spent working on the place.

Mack’s Park

Located in the heart of the Niagara Escarpment, the Belfountain Conservation Area (also known affectionately as “Mack’s Park”) sits on the eastern edge of the cozy hamlet of Belfountain and the Park and was designated by the Town of Caledon as a heritage property in December 2020.

Broadway Revised

Sepia-toned photographs taken in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries of Orangeville’s bustling downtown street of Broadway convey an image of a lively, picturesque street comprised of grand facades, second story balconies, expansive windows, and decorative wood pieces.

Starting Off on a Solid Foundation

Farmer turned contractor Brett Allen has also cultivated a familiarity with the different and varying soil conditions throughout Wellington County.
That awareness is very useful in his role as the co-owner and hands/on operator of Postech Wellington. His partner Graham Wilkin purchased the franchise four years ago and then asked him to be a partner.

Picture Perfect Porches

Porches were once a standard element on many Canadian homes because they enabled the occupants to enjoy sitting outdoors, while fully protected from the elements.
Now they are making a comeback of sorts; not that they ever entirely disappeared but there has been a revival and a renewed interest in this architectural and artistic feature on century homes in the Orangeville area.

The Balancing Act: Caring for Your Pool Properly

Despite the fact that we spend half of our year covered in ice and snow, we Canadians, on average, still hold that deep desire to cut loose, and lounge beside our own personal pool side, free of charge, once summer hits.

A Strong Family Makes for a Strong Business

Three generations and three decades built on high standards, quality products, knowledgeable staff, and a “customer first” philosophy, is what the Niezen family is all about. This year the family is celebrating over 17 years since they opened the doors of their Guelph, ON location, Guelph Building Supply.

Travel Feature: Reminiscing Marine Life of Belize

Belize is an ideal destination for snorkeling adventures because of the extensive shallow water coast, more than 380 km of mainland shore, with hundreds of secluded remote island cays that dot the shorelines. Most are coral islands, which have emerged from the sea over time, or mangroves, which are low lying, jumbles of bare rooted, salt resistant, shrubs that survive in the fluctuating levels of shallow intertidal waters.

Exploring Belizean Rainforest Jungle

Hiking the mountainous landscape of Belize, in the heart of Central America, where the mysterious ancient Mayan people thrived in this deep jungle over two millennium ago. 

Cruising the South-Eastern Fringe of Alaska

Going by ship is an idyllic and privileged way to experience the seclusion found in these mountainous forests on the edge of Canada’s north-west. Our voyage starts from Vancouver, traveling north, behind thousands of densely wooded islands, mostly protected from the ocean, along a decisive inland channel aptly named the Inside Passage.

Autumn in Cottage Country

The promised cycle of life encourages my enthusiasm for next year’s adventures.  Plans aside, I’m just going to get my sandals, grab my paddle and journey out by canoe, preparing with clothing adjustments, taking along a light jacket. 

Carefree Days on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

I always feel at peace here, whether I’m driving winding roads, walking meandering pathways, or strolling along a deserted beach.  There’s a freedom in the marine air and it gets me thinking about our next fresh salmon dinner.

Big Sky Adventures of Solitude and Awe at Supernatural Killbear

Killbear is a unique area of extreme contrasts, combining freshwater activities and wooded pathways with camping, affording friends and family a gathering place for outdoor adventures amidst spectacular geographical surroundings.

Island Time

Island Time: It’s the phrase you see proclaimed all over Manitoulin Island.
And “Spirit Island” as it truly was to us too, really did magically transport us quickly to island time!