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Simple Spring Inspired Cocktails

Easy to make, spring inspired cocktails.

Chicken Pomegranate Salad with Baby Spinach

Ingredients and directions to make a chicken pomegranate salad.

Citrus Beet Salad

Zehrs dietitian Brittany McMullan shares a Citrus Beet Salad recipe with us.

Lemon Ricotta Bundt Cake

Ingredients and direction to make Lemon Ricotta Bundt Cake.

Featured Restaurant: Son of a Chef

Owner Cristina Roque and her team of amazing bakers and employees are up at the crack of dawn to ensure that everything in their store really is made fresh daily – quite literally.

Featured Artist: Everist Prokofiev

As with most artists, there is always something special about them. Everist has a cool charm about him while remaining elegantly humble. Beyond the fact that he is this wonderful man, his artwork is simply powerful, breathtaking, and well worth a trip to see it for yourself!

“Explosive” Success for Dufferin County Resident Sophie Vertigan

Sophie Vertigan’s work on the second season of The Umbrella Academy led to her to the pinnacle of her career when she became the first female Special Effects Co-Ordinator to be nominated in the Special Visual Effects category at the 2021 Emmy Awards, establishing a milestone and paving the way for women in the industry.

Cory Trepanier: Visionary and Leader

Cory took inspiration not only from the outdoors, but from everything around him. His art inspired Canadians of all ages to connect with and appreciate the natural world. In the words of his daughter, Sydney, “Everywhere he turned he was able to find something beautiful and fascinating”.

Home Sharing – Golden Girls Canada

With an ever-increasing aging population and the costs of home ownership skyrocketing, it is becoming increasingly difficult for single seniors to own and manage a home.  Seniors living alone often face financial, physical, and emotional challenges, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the isolation that resulted from it has been particularly hard on this demographic.

April Mitchell-Boudreau and LOFTTAN Custom Jewelry

So many women would tell her how they wished that they were creative – and April wanted to prove to them that they were. Enter Lofttan (named after the initials of her nieces and nephews), a line of completely customizable and convertible jewelry.

Peppermint Tree

Instructions to create fun Peppermint Christmas trees to compliment your holiday decor!

Fall Table Centrepiece

Supply list and directions to create a Fall table centerpiece.

EASTER CRAFT: Quick and Easy Centerpiece

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: VaseDifferent sized plastic Easter...

Fish Bowl Santa Claus

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Artificial snow2 Fish bowlsMini village...

Wood Wreath Snowman

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: 2 Wood wreaths (or grapevine wreaths)White spray...

Ask the Health Expert: Apples for Health!

In the gut apple pectin has been shown in studies to be an effective anti-diarrhea agent and as a water-soluble fibre it has the gel forming effect. It is considered a prebiotic promoting the growth of normal intestinal flora, but it also inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria which often cause diarrhea in the first place, such as Salmonella, Shigella, Enterobacter and Citrobacter.

Ask the Beauty Expert: 3 Basics for Skin Care

Keeping a budget in mind when choosing skin care can be a dauting task.  We are bombarded with miracle creams on social media, magazines and TV that do not help to clear up the questions … where do I start? What is going to WORK!?

You Are Reason Enough

The speed of the entire process and the genuine, noticeable affects that Laura saw at each stage of the journey were an astonishment to her. There is often a belief that these processes are just gimmicks – but Laura has discovered for herself, just how much they actually work.

A Journey of Strength, Faith and Love

This time I would take care of my body. I would nourish it. Little changes like having a nurse come in after chemotherapy to give me fluids. I meditated. I did visualization exercises. I stopped keeping everything a secret. I shared more. I researched more. I spoke to the doctors, and questioned what and why they were doing things.

Natural Medicine Chest for Cold and Flu Season

This list a wonderful baseline for creating your family’s sick kit to get through cold and flu season but sometimes something comes along that needs a more tailored approach. It’s possible to gear yourself up to combat a whole multitude of things if given the right tools.

There’s Never Been a Better Time for a Round!

“Golf has really made a resurgence in the past few years as we have dealt with the international pandemic”, begins John. “We were lucky enough to have a business in a profession where opening up and keeping people safe was easier to do than with most businesses, and we are very lucky for that. The game of golf is so beneficial to our health, not only physically but now even more than ever, there are also so many mental and emotional benefits.”

Classic Car – 1968 Ford Mustang

While there’s no doubt this Mustang is a real head turner, that’s likely because it’s also been a well-cared for and well-loved machine, passed proudly on from father to son.

Counting Your Chickens

There are actually many different reasons to own chickens, from raising them for you children/family, to eggs and of course meat – but whatever reason you are thinking of investing in chickens (or any of the other poultry that Peel Hardware sells), you need to be sure that it’s a commitment that you are ready to take on.

Home Sharing – Golden Girls Canada

With an ever-increasing aging population and the costs of home ownership skyrocketing, it is becoming increasingly difficult for single seniors to own and manage a home.  Seniors living alone often face financial, physical, and emotional challenges, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the isolation that resulted from it has been particularly hard on this demographic.

Corvette Stingray 2020 C8

GM began production of the esteemed Corvette in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 1981, and the facility has remained the exclusive home of the Corvette brand for 40 years. Known around the world as America’s sports car, the Corvette exemplifies the definition of innovation. The Corvette is the world’s longest-running, continuously produced passenger car.

Flowers for All Occasions

Situated amidst a growing selection of artsy boutiques and coffee shops on Broadway is a hidden gem of a flower shop that has the style and feel of downtown Toronto, yet it manages to maintain the charming appeal of main street small town Orangeville.

The Gathering Place

Home, they say is where the heart is, but I think that “home” is something even bigger. Our homes are the places in which we gather, the spaces where we welcome friends and family to be a part of our lives, for all the good times and the bad, though mostly good we hope.

Making the Most of Your Small Kitchen

“This old 1970’s house was closed off and choppy, with little storage and inadequate counter space.  This was a space that was not very functional” says Airik. “Our team designed a new layout, removing all of the walls to accommodate a totally new, open concept space.

Come Take a Load Off

The excitement and dread of buying a new piece of furniture, or any other big-ticket item, is one that we are all familiar with. It’s an exciting moment because there is always a thrill to bringing something new home, whether it be a product we saved up to buy for the first time or replacing something that’s grown shabby.

Canadian Made

Attention to detail is carried on after the purchase as well. They will not only deliver with care and setup your new furniture free of charge, but they’ll remove any old furniture that you are replacing. Ensuring that the process is as hassle free as possible for you.

Starting Off on a Solid Foundation

Farmer turned contractor Brett Allen has also cultivated a familiarity with the different and varying soil conditions throughout Wellington County.
That awareness is very useful in his role as the co-owner and hands/on operator of Postech Wellington. His partner Graham Wilkin purchased the franchise four years ago and then asked him to be a partner.

Picture Perfect Porches

Porches were once a standard element on many Canadian homes because they enabled the occupants to enjoy sitting outdoors, while fully protected from the elements.
Now they are making a comeback of sorts; not that they ever entirely disappeared but there has been a revival and a renewed interest in this architectural and artistic feature on century homes in the Orangeville area.

The Balancing Act: Caring for Your Pool Properly

Despite the fact that we spend half of our year covered in ice and snow, we Canadians, on average, still hold that deep desire to cut loose, and lounge beside our own personal pool side, free of charge, once summer hits.

A Strong Family Makes for a Strong Business

Three generations and three decades built on high standards, quality products, knowledgeable staff, and a “customer first” philosophy, is what the Niezen family is all about. This year the family is celebrating over 17 years since they opened the doors of their Guelph, ON location, Guelph Building Supply.

Help From The Pool Professionals

People have pools installed on their property for several reasons; not the...

Big Sky Adventures of Solitude and Awe at Supernatural Killbear

Killbear is a unique area of extreme contrasts, combining freshwater activities and wooded pathways with camping, affording friends and family a gathering place for outdoor adventures amidst spectacular geographical surroundings.

Island Time

Island Time: It’s the phrase you see proclaimed all over Manitoulin Island.
And “Spirit Island” as it truly was to us too, really did magically transport us quickly to island time!

Fringing Vancouver Island’s south-west coast, Sooke to Juan de Fuca’s Botanical Beach

There’s an allure of standing beside the open sea, its power stirs a breadth of emotion as the relentless winds clear the clutter of worried thoughts that shape my demeanor.

The “Other” Niagara

Usually when we think of Niagara, we think of the Falls and its major tourist attractions. Yet there are a whole many more layers, so many in fact that even locals have not found them all yet! This article does not even touch the surface of what there is to do in Niagara. Further exploration awaits, no matter what your interest!

DAY TRIPPING: Finding Your Inner Scot: Kincardine Ontario

Like all history, many whirlpools in time collide to create places we know, live and play in now. Bruce County and Kincardine on Lake Huron, just over 2 hours from Orangeville, is one such spot. In fact, Bruce County itself is a big playground on its own, awaiting more exploration!

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