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Victoria Sandwich (Sponge)

Ingredients and directions for making Victoria Sandwich, a classic British recipe.

British Scones

Ingredients and directions for making British scones.

Cullen Skink

Ingredients and instructions to make Cullen Skink.

Scotch Eggs

Ingredients and directions for making Scotch Eggs.

Toad in the Hole

Instructions and ingredients to make the popular British dish, Toad in the Hole.

Home Sharing – Golden Girls Canada

With an ever-increasing aging population and the costs of home ownership skyrocketing, it is becoming increasingly difficult for single seniors to own and manage a home.  Seniors living alone often face financial, physical, and emotional challenges, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the isolation that resulted from it has been particularly hard on this demographic.

April Mitchell-Boudreau and LOFTTAN Custom Jewelry

So many women would tell her how they wished that they were creative – and April wanted to prove to them that they were. Enter Lofttan (named after the initials of her nieces and nephews), a line of completely customizable and convertible jewelry.

Artist Feature: Nikki Caruana

There are a lot of sayings tied up in the idea of the past, and they almost all come down to the same principle, the same fundamental idea that is so universal we all instinctively understand it: there is something unattainably beautiful in the impossibility of capturing a time gone by; we can spend our whole lives chasing a moment, but once it has happened, once it’s become part of the past, we’re never going to be able to hold onto all that it was again.

ARTIST FEATURE: Jeanne Aisthorpe-Smith

COLOUR OUTSIDE the LINES Artist, Jeanne Aisthorpe-Smith is unlike...

Haileybury, In Search of the Hardy Boys and More

Good trips are sparked by an idea. This one to Haileybury fired up with my...

Peppermint Tree

Instructions to create fun Peppermint Christmas trees to compliment your holiday decor!

Fall Table Centrepiece

Supply list and directions to create a Fall table centerpiece.

EASTER CRAFT: Quick and Easy Centerpiece

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: VaseDifferent sized plastic Easter...

Fish Bowl Santa Claus

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: Artificial snow2 Fish bowlsMini village...

Wood Wreath Snowman

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: 2 Wood wreaths (or grapevine wreaths)White spray...

A Journey of Strength, Faith and Love

This time I would take care of my body. I would nourish it. Little changes like having a nurse come in after chemotherapy to give me fluids. I meditated. I did visualization exercises. I stopped keeping everything a secret. I shared more. I researched more. I spoke to the doctors, and questioned what and why they were doing things.

Natural Medicine Chest for Cold and Flu Season

This list a wonderful baseline for creating your family’s sick kit to get through cold and flu season but sometimes something comes along that needs a more tailored approach. It’s possible to gear yourself up to combat a whole multitude of things if given the right tools.

Seasonal Exfoliation

Have you had an overwhelming urge to scrub your skin every time you remove your face mask? If you answer yes, you are not alone. Mask wearing can trap sweat and bacteria on the skin. Regular exfoliation can help prevent clogged pores, resulting in fewer breakouts.

Ask the Health Expert: Genetically Modified Organisms

Genetically modified organisms are those whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a lab through genetic engineering, thus creating combinations of plant, animal, bacteria, and virus genes that do not occur in nature. One of the main concerns is how genetically modified foods may affect human health.

Ask the Beauty Expert: Q&A

5 Questions for Sue Wagner, our ‘Ask the Beauty Expert” consultant.

Counting Your Chickens

There are actually many different reasons to own chickens, from raising them for you children/family, to eggs and of course meat – but whatever reason you are thinking of investing in chickens (or any of the other poultry that Peel Hardware sells), you need to be sure that it’s a commitment that you are ready to take on.

Home Sharing – Golden Girls Canada

With an ever-increasing aging population and the costs of home ownership skyrocketing, it is becoming increasingly difficult for single seniors to own and manage a home.  Seniors living alone often face financial, physical, and emotional challenges, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic and the isolation that resulted from it has been particularly hard on this demographic.

Corvette Stingray 2020 C8

GM began production of the esteemed Corvette in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 1981, and the facility has remained the exclusive home of the Corvette brand for 40 years. Known around the world as America’s sports car, the Corvette exemplifies the definition of innovation. The Corvette is the world’s longest-running, continuously produced passenger car.

There’s More Behind That Window!

The Scrub Room provides embroidery, screen printing, professional scrubs, workwear, and daily attire in very stylish and high-quality designs. The best part however, is that the pieces in this shop are also budget friendly, while remaining “fashion forward”.

Completing Your Story

Whether it is a wedding band, a gift from a loved one, or a family heirloom, there is a lot of love that goes into buying and wearing jewellery – which is why you want to deal with someone who understands that this is more than just a business transaction, it’s another piece of your story.

Upcycling on the Upswing!

The recent resurgence of thrift stores and vintage markets has had a positive impact on the upcycling trend, leaving environmentally conscious consumers searching for the perfect pieces to decorate their homes.

Beach Living

Framed by Lake Ontario on one side and Hamilton Harbour on the other, Hamilton’s 6 km long “beach strip” is a unique neighbourhood with a proud past that is attracting a lot of potential new homeowners.

Black & White Classic Christmas

I had a lot of fun creating this new look in my house. Black & White with Sparkle. I’ve really never thought about black being a hue for Christmas, however I was wrong.  In fashion, black and white with gold has always been a classic look. What stopped me from using it in my home decor for Christmas?

Designing a New Kitchen Space

Premier Home Upgrades Inc owner Airik Lenz and his team recently completed a stunning kitchen renovation in Brampton, Ontario that transformed this dated 80’s home into a beautiful, functional kitchen that the family can enjoy for years to come.

All the Paint, None of the Fuss

Located in Fergus, Whiskey Jack’s professional and experienced team is available to help you with any of your painting needs. Whether it’s interior, exterior or cabinet painting, they are ready to have your project covered, from beginning to end.

A Strong Family Makes for a Strong Business

Three generations and three decades built on high standards, quality products, knowledgeable staff, and a “customer first” philosophy, is what the Niezen family is all about. This year the family is celebrating over 17 years since they opened the doors of their Guelph, ON location, Guelph Building Supply.

Help From The Pool Professionals

People have pools installed on their property for several reasons; not the...

Should We Seed or Should We Sod?

New grass turf being installed in a garden. Sometimes we look out on...

Growing with Your Community

If you have found yourself driving along highway 10 out of...

LANDSCAPE FEATURE: Create Your Own Paradise

When Michael Haunton, Owner and President of Let’s Landscape Together...

Fringing Vancouver Island’s south-west coast, Sooke to Juan de Fuca’s Botanical Beach

There’s an allure of standing beside the open sea, its power stirs a breadth of emotion as the relentless winds clear the clutter of worried thoughts that shape my demeanor.

The “Other” Niagara

Usually when we think of Niagara, we think of the Falls and its major tourist attractions. Yet there are a whole many more layers, so many in fact that even locals have not found them all yet! This article does not even touch the surface of what there is to do in Niagara. Further exploration awaits, no matter what your interest!

DAY TRIPPING: Finding Your Inner Scot: Kincardine Ontario

Like all history, many whirlpools in time collide to create places we know, live and play in now. Bruce County and Kincardine on Lake Huron, just over 2 hours from Orangeville, is one such spot. In fact, Bruce County itself is a big playground on its own, awaiting more exploration!

Golden Blessings of My Own Back Yard

Just two years ago no one could have predicted a near ‘shutdown’ of world economies. We were happily going about our hectic lives, when overnight, we plunged into ‘survival mode’ and were forced to stay at home. Once the daunting consequences of freedom curtailments were accepted, the goal of my next journey was to find motivation and inspiration in local green environments, including our country gardens near Orangeville.

Day Tripping – “Living” Arthur

MEETING ARTHUR As a day trip a while back, my husband and I decided on...

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