Our Story

There is a great demand for high-quality design and craftsmanship in today’s home renovations market, and homeowners often don’t realize that many of the experts are in their own community. LivingSpaces & LifeStyles Magazine is a one-stop resource for all contracting, landscaping, decorating, and other home design professionals.

The magazine is where expert opinion and customer experience come together to create a resource that is both inspirational and educational. There are articles on a variety of topics, covering many aspects of home decor, renovation, and building ideas by area designers and contractors.

Our publication is also a great resource for local shopping, dining, and events, providing communities, and tourism, information on the incredible offerings that can be discovered throughout our area and neighbouring regions.

“The goal of our magazine
is to find new ways to communicate
with residents and strengthen
our local businesses.”

says owner Elaine Stone. Published quarterly to communities in and around Dufferin, Caledon, Guelph and Wellington County, LivingSpaces & LifeStyles magazine exists to inform and inspire homeowners, and to showcase the work of skilled local businesses, craftsman, culture and events.

From our team, to you the reader, we say “enjoy the read”!

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Elaine Stone, Owner & Director of Sales

Emma Connell, Production Coordinator, Graphic Designer

Corinne McCarley, Accounting, Sales Associate

Kelli  M. Maddocks, Senior Staff Writer

Cynthia Percival, Travel Writer

Diana Janosik-Wronski, Writer

Tanya Bottomley, Writer

Jillian Kent, Writer

Dan O’Reilly, Writer

Larry Simpson, Writer

Kira Wronska Dorward, Writer

Cory Bruyea, Photographer

Paul Spears, Photographer

Brittney Pasqualini, Interior Designer / Style Consultant