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“Loved that all contractors are local people. I often see things done or built but have no idea where to go and get it”.
V.B., Guelph

“Great magazine and always enjoy reading … it stays on the coffee table so I can keep picking it up!”
Joanne E., Fergus

“Yesterday we went for a breakfast and a short walk to Elora. As we were coming out of  my husband’s favourite restaurant “Gorge Country Kitchen”, I asked my daughter to pick up one of your magazines. Since I was walking fast, I thought it was one of those real estate brochures you can find everywhere. While the children had a rest, I started to flip through the pages. What a pleasant surprise I had! I home school my children and we do have a set curriculum but from the Living Spaces & Life Styles magazine, they have learned about our winter birds and the history of this area through listening to the story how people lived here about 70 years ago. Moreover, we have even found a recipe that the girls would like to try.  Thank you for making this magazine so beautiful and “useful”.”
Wishing you and your colleagues a successful year,
Zsuzsanna Z.