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One of the best things I love about our design/builds is that it gets people talking. With most new homes, people will walk-in and say “yes it’s lovely”, and then they move on. With our designs, people walk-in and talk about it. Good, bad, it doesn’t matter to me, I just love the fact that they’re talking and that they keep talking.” – Mason Wilmot, owner of Land and Lake Custom Homes.

How lucky can one be, to be able to make a living doing what they love? It’s been said that if you love what you do for a living, you never really work a day in your life, and for me, an assignment like this is exactly the reason why.

Usually, an article like this would be written over two interviews, one with the home owners, and one with the builder. In this case however, I was able to get the best of both worlds. Enter Mason Wilmot, owner of Land and Lake Custom Homes, and his partner Shawna McFadyen, a highly-respected real estate professional with Royal LePage RCR Realty of Orangeville.

“This is the only modern build in Orangeville”, begins Shawna. And she’s right. In all of my years of writing for this magazine and admiring many beautiful homes, this home is something different. It has a “strength” of beauty, one that blends artisan edge with elegance and luxury. Mason would agree that this would be the exact feeling he wants to extract from all of his design/builds;

“We are not looking to build an ‘out of the box solution’ with our homes. I’ve worked hard for years to become one of the best craftsmen and designers out there, and I take pride in this. Our team has been created with some of the best skilled trades when it comes to every aspect of our builds.”

“This particular home was built in the same manner as all our homes”, Mason explains. “It’s a spec home, and has been built based on two factors; function and style.” And what does that mean? Well for Mason and Shawna, being the homeowners in this case, there were definitely some “functionality” requirements that needed to be met.

“Our initial focus was to make this house as energy-efficient as possible. Things like being powered by solar energy, energy-efficient windows, with a mechanical room that is literally the heartbeat of this incredible home”.

And about that “mechanical room”? Well, this is where I’ll hand the reins over to Mason:

“While he spent a lot of time taking me through how amazing this “mechanical room” is, there is no way I could explain it better than him.”

“The mechanical room was a long conversation with my HVAC technician (Brendan Pace from North Hill Heating and Cooling), electrician (Kris Gillis from GK Electric), and our plumber (Stewart Moncor from SGM Mechanical). We have been using these three incredibly skilled trades exclusively for over 5 years now. Although these guys are independent owner operators, for the first time in my career, our firm has assembled a team that has learned to work cohesively to achieve the same goals, each one respecting the others set of unique skills. The objective for this particular mechanical room was to create a space that felt just as thought out and curated as the rest of the house. I was adamant about keeping the original size of the room. We all had to be as creative as possible with the real-estate we had, carefully planning where each trades equipment and piping runs would start and finish. Bringing in 400 Amp service to the house was to ensure we would have adequate power for the home’s large demands and the future rear building’s (phase 2 of this project), the same would go for main water and gas line sizes coming in from the street. As this entire project will be done in three phases, it was crucial that we planned and roughed in now for all the work and service required for the additional features this property will come to have. 40 Solar panels will be spread out across two building’s roofs, and Gateway will create the opportunity for net metering. Two Tesla power walls will service as the storage for the solar energy, allowing us to charge the vehicles daily using solar energy exclusively. The radiant in-floor heating system throughout the entire basement is produced by an NTI Combi unit, this boiler services both the hydronic heat within the floor as well as services the entire house’s hot water demands. Connected to a recirculation pump and a very well-balanced manifold, we have created a true on-demand hot water system. I could speak about this room for hours, but to sum it up, it’s my favourite room in the house. It demonstrates the time and care that goes into all our projects, not just with the things you can see, but with everything you normally would not. It’s not the things you do when people are looking, it’s the things you do when they are not which truly defines your character as a builder.”  

“We want our clients to want a Land and Lake home. We’re building a brand of high end, one of a kind spec homes, for people that want something beautiful, functional, and different from every other home out there. I want people to see a home and know, ‘that it was built by the talented team from Land and Lakes’. Classy and unique on a scale that will exceed our client’s expectations.”

So, while we cannot show everything this stunning home has to offer, we promise that we’ll be bringing you back to this home to share with you the key phases that this build will be going through.

So, now to the kitchen.

What can you say about this beautifully designed space, one that draws you in the moment you walk through the door. Inspired by some works of art by “Banksy”, the kitchen mimics that portrait, a piece that caught the attention of Mason who created this interpretation via tiles, cabinets, and artistry.

“In the mash up “Banksy Inspired” painting of the gentleman in a bespoke suit (Charlee Chaplin) and Albert Einstein, looking elegant and refined, and when placed against the cold backdrop of the graffiti street scape, it’s extraordinary. I needed to have that inspiration and story here in this home. When you look at this particular piece of artwork here, the kitchen reflects just that. The cabinets are the suits, the handles are the bow ties, and the tiles are the street scape. The idea of having something elegant, refined and intelligent against the often misunderstood and edginess of the streets is almost poetic. The concept that the two very different social constructs can exist in what feels almost uniformed but abstract at the same time gives me exactly the feeling I wanted for this kitchen. Rob Bourcier from Burly Kitchens was instrumental in helping us capture my vision, his ability to really listen to his clients and their desires is unparalleled in the industry today.”

So, combine that artistry with a luxurious one-of-a-kind Indian marble, and you have nothing but pure perfection, whether you love it, or you don’t. And that’s what Mason loves most about his homes and their design.

“I want people to talk about the home, time and time again. I want to impress, move, and ignite passion for the homeowners and their guests. Most of all, I want to be able to create homes that not only serve their purpose, but change the way people see their space. It’s not just a home. It’s a work of art.”

We have to leave this story for now. But there is so much more to come about this incredible space, trust me, we’re just getting started.



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