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When it comes to your jewellery, there is often a lot more attached to it than simply a price tag. Consider your most valuable pieces, they are likely important to you not because of the money that’s been exchanged for them, but for the memories that are attached. Whether it is a wedding band, a gift from a loved one, or a family heirloom, there is a lot of love that goes into buying and wearing jewellery – which is why you want to deal with someone who understands that this is more than just a business transaction, it’s another piece of your story. You want to work with someone like Ron Wilkin Jewellers.

With a store in historic downtown Fergus since the 1960s, Ron Wilkin Jewellers has become an integral part of the community – with good reason, as they understand that their job isn’t just to sell jewellery, but rather to help customers find the right piece for those special moments in their lives. Each member of their team is there to build relationships with their customers – it isn’t about finding the item with the highest price tag, but rather getting to know the person they’re working with and ensuring that they leave the store with exactly what they needed.

Ever had that feeling of pure satisfaction after giving someone a present you know they’ll love? That’s the feeling Ron Wilkin Jewellers gets whenever they see another review or speak to a customer who can’t say enough about how much they love their newest piece. With two stores filled with names like Maple Leaf Diamonds, Noam Carver, Bulova and Citizen they are equipped to answer any need: even custom making pieces to ensure it fits exactly what you’re dreaming of.

Yes, you heard me right: as of last year, Ron Wilkin Jewellers has two stores. The original on St. Andrews St. in Fergus, and a new boutique on West Mill Street in Elora. If you’re looking for something a little more specific, or just happen to be a little further along Wellington County Road 18, then be sure to pay this second location a visit. Housing the bulk of their Maple Leaf Diamonds line, the Elora store goes one step further, and provides their customers with a Ron Wilkin Jewellers exclusive line, that can only be found at this location. This line is a series of pendants featuring landmarks around Elora combined with the iconic Maple Leaf Diamonds, allowing you to carry both a bit of sparkle and a bit of home wherever you happen to go.

Of course, jewellery isn’t always about new pieces. Most of our jewellery exists in a special place in our hearts – which means when accidents happen, or they begin to show their age, we don’t want something new, we want our original jewels repaired. For many of us, this can leave us in a bit of a quandary. I know that when the sapphire from the ring my late grandmother gave me fell out, I would’ve been overwhelmed as to what to do with it if I hadn’t already been familiar with Ron Wilkin Jewellers. These pieces are sentimentally important to us, and it can be hard to hand them over to someone; but thankfully, Ron Wilkin Jewellers understands what these pieces mean to us. They have two goldsmiths in their Fergus location who will take care of your special pieces and treat them with the respect they deserve.

In fact, capable of grading diamonds and identifying gemstones, the repair team at Ron Wilkin Jewellers are trained to handle any issue; whatever the problem, they’ll find a way to get it done. They’re also available for appraisals, offering a full service.

At the end of the day, what it really all comes down to is the sense of community. The owners and team at Ron Wilkin Jewellers live and grew up in the community and know what it means to support one another. They wouldn’t be anything without their customers and so they give back, both by supporting various community projects and by treating each customer like family, taking the time to find what they are looking for, and explain to them the quality of the pieces, so they know what they’re paying for. In the past year, they’ve recognized the way that the community has continued to support them, despite difficulties on both sides, and they truly wish to thank each and every person that has done so.

For more information on either of Ron Wilkin Jewellers stores, the products they offer, and educational information on diamonds, jewels and precious metals head to their website:

Your jewellery often becomes a part of your story, memorializing those occasions in your life which you never want to forget – so trust Ron Wilkin Jewellers to treat them with the respect, warmth, and friendliness they deserve.

Written By: Jillian Kent | Photography: Chantel Dirksen Photography

Author: LivingSpaces

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