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Light and colour affect your mood; so much so that there is a whole school of psychology related to it. Bright vibrant colours can be energizing, though too much can also be overstimulating, not necessarily making it the right tone for a room you spend a lot of time in. Rich warm colours, on the other hand, can be comforting, but also heavy perhaps bringing down the tone of the space. Lighting too is a factor; with our modern LEDs, there is a range of intensities, ranked as “Kelvins” or “Ks”. The intensity of your lights affects the shade of your colours, with the higher intensities (5000 the highest) creating a surprising change. All of this comes together to make the decision of changing the colours in your home far less simple than it might have seemed at the beginning.

This might feel daunting because our homes are the places in which we spend most of our time. After a long day full of demands that can often be beyond our control, we want our homes to be a safe and soothing space. We want to be able to grab our favourite drink, and relax; which we can’t do if the space that we are in doesn’t “speak” to us in the way we would like.

If, over the last few years, you’ve found yourself looking at your walls and thinking that the yellow you chose when you moved in is more “loud” than “calming” or you are questioning that shade of off white, then please know that you are not alone. Also know that there is no need to panic, because it is entirely fixable! In fact, that’s exactly what the fantastic team at Guelph Paint & Wallpaper, Benjamin Moore, located on York Road (Just behind the Tim Hortons) is here to help you do. Paint and colour are their passion, so why stress yourself out when you can come in and let them do what they do best?

Although their Guelph location is only two years old, owners Karen and Isabelle have been in the business for 16 years and they love using that extensive background and expertise to help others. Part of the reason that they’ve been at the game for so long is because they love helping people find the colour or wallpaper that brings a smile to their faces. It is a puzzle that they enjoy solving, brainstorming options and then seeing how it all comes together. When they get customers who come back after a few years, ready to tackle a new project, it brings them joy to not just be remembered, but be able to say they remember that project as well. It takes a connection to help find the paint or wallpaper that sends the right message.

So, if you’re looking to start a new project, what should you do to help move things along? Well, having an idea of what you’re looking for is always a great way to start. This doesn’t mean that you have to come in with a Benjamin Moore paint colour already selected (though that’ll certainly make their jobs easier), but if you have a few colours in mind, or even better a piece of art or pillow you love and want to match, that will go a long way to help find the colour and design that will really make your vision pop.

Don’t have something like that or really even any idea where you want to start? Not a problem. Guelph Paint & Wallpaper still has you covered (ha, covered. Get it? Wallpaper… anyway). Just let them have a chat, ask a few questions and get to know both you and the project that you’re working on, and a direction will appear. Whether it’s slow or quick, they’ll make sure that you leave with not just the right products but the confidence that you can use them to make your home into something that sparks the joy that you’ve been looking for.

Better yet, they might just be able to offer you that décor piece that you will want to centre your room around too. As I left, they were excited to dig into their orders and bring out the pillows they added for their new home décor line as well.

At the end of the day, painting your home shouldn’t be about what’s “on trend” (though they can certainly tell you that if that’s what you’re looking for), but rather something which brings passion and spirit to the space, brightens a room and breaths life into it once more. You don’t have to ‘just live with it’ any longer when you realize that a room or item in your house is no longer at it’s best. You have the ability to bring it back to life; Guelph Paint & Wallpaper, Benjamin Moore will show you how. 


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