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They’ve been saying that the world’s been getting smaller for years now – and in many ways they are right. With the advances in technology, allowing us to communicate with the other side of the world in a matter of moments, and physically travel there in no more than a day or two, it does feel as if the world is right there at our fingertips. Which is amazing! The freedom of this communication has allowed for a lot of growth in our society. Families, including my own, can have members in four different countries, as well as three different provinces, and yet still all come together at the touch of a computer screen.

However, this global explosion has come with its own set of drawbacks as well. As the world “shrunk”, our options for products “grew”, and we’ve quickly become a consumer driven world, desperate for the newest, quickest thing – which doesn’t always mean the best, or the highest quality.

In 1872 when John Thomson Sr. started his business, John Thomson and Son Furniture in Fergus, this was not a world that he likely even ever dreamed of. Instead, he had the idea for a simple, quality focused business that was dedicated to providing the customer with good, honest service and Canadian quality products. It was these values that were passed on to his son, John Jr, who in turn passed them to his son, Will Thomson and he to his daughter, Mary Thomson. Today, 150 years later, Neil Johnston, John Thomson Sr.’s great, great grandson and the 5th generation to run John Thomson and Son Furniture operates the store with the same values that it had been created on: hard work, good customer service, and of course, Canadian made quality products.

Have you ever gone into a store, and felt that the employees were more interested in making a sale, any sale, than listening to what you were actually looking for? It’s these sorts of experiences that make us wary of shopping, assuming that the stores that we are heading into are only looking out for themselves. John Thomson and Son, however, believe in taking a different approach to business. To them, each customer is about building a relationship with that person. It’s about loyalty and trust. When they make a promise to provide you with the best quality, at the best price, they deliver – after all, it’s their name and family’s history on the line.

Part of this is their commitment to providing everyday low prices along with selected sale pricing that come from manufacturer promotions and clearance items. Unlike other stores, that seemingly slash their prices at a whim, creating the illusion of savings when they are merely peeling back layers of their own inflation, John Thomson and Son work to give you the best prices every time. It’s in the foundations, weaved into the business by Mary Thomson who always taught Neil that trust, honestly and keeping your promises are important, particularly in business – their motto: “be a man or woman of your word, deliver more than you promise and you will always be successful in business.”

This can be seen even further in the services that they provide with each customer, taking the time to ensure that all of their needs are covered. If you’re uncertain as to the direction you wish to take your new purchase in, they’ll take the time to talk it out with you – ask you questions about colour and style to help you find what you’re looking for. Room planning services are also available to help you ensure you’re making the best use of every space.

Attention to detail is carried on after the purchase as well. They will not only deliver with care and setup your new furniture free of charge, but they’ll remove any old furniture that you are replacing. Ensuring that the process is as hassle free as possible for you. After all, when you are trying to provide someone with a pleasant shopping experience, it is all about providing a high level of customer service and satisfaction both during and long after the purchase. Going above and beyond expectations is how you create a loyalty that people can look back upon – for generations.

To discover furniture shopping the way that it has always been, with a focus on Canadian made quality, and honest, straightforward customer services, visit their website,, or head into their store and see for yourself.


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