Black & White Classic Christmas

For those of you who know me, you can attest that I love to seasonally decorate throughout my house all year long; spring, summer, fall and winter… but I definitely think Christmas is my favourite time to decorate. Ordering fresh greens, garlands and wreaths, starting from urns and fresh or handmade wreaths at the front door, fresh garlands adorning the railings and inwards from room to room to the living room with the Christmas tree.

I had a lot of fun creating this new look in my house. Black & White with Sparkle. I’ve really never thought about black being a hue for Christmas, however I was wrong.  In fashion, black and white with gold has always been a classic look. What stopped me from using it in my home decor for Christmas? This look was tailored with black and white checks. Golds and a hint of silver to sparkle. Reflecting and catching the lights just right. Christmas party favours, the centre piece and stockings. The checked fleece throw and holiday cushions added a comfort and warmth to the open and airy sunroom, just perfect for Christmas morn. A nice way to finish off your look is to carry it into your gift bags, wrapping paper and ribbon. Table runners and tea cloths.

All these decorations and supplies were from our valued customers in our L&L magazine. Arthur Cash and Carry. The Plumber’s Wife. Seasons of Elora, Orangeville Home Hardware and Love Your Home.  All these businesses are committed to helping you make your house a home .

Merry Christmas!

Elaine Stone

Author: LivingSpaces

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