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Whos Got The Blues

Here at Living Spaces and Lifestyles Magazine, we tend to get excited about those certain “time of the year events”, whether it’s looking forward to springtime parties, summer backyard bbq’s, or holiday season Christmas dinners. However, there can be some moments in the year when finding something to look forward to can, well, be difficult. In this case, we’re talking about those post holiday season blues, which are made even more challenging thanks to cranky old man winter. But never fear, it doesn’t all have to be “tough sledding”. We’re here to share a few ideas that might just help you with that little push over the hump, a push that can take you marching straight into Spring!

  1. Realize you are not alone. It’s very common in colder climates, with shorter exposure to daylight, that people can experience everything from craving carbs, eating more sugars, or even wanting more sleep. A great way to tackle these symptoms are with healthy food choices, and some health supplements to help boost your energy levels. Foods that are rich in antioxidants, fibre, protein, and healthy fats are essential to a well-balanced diet, and a healthy disposition. Add to these healthy choices some Vitamin D, fish oils, and other natural products as recommended by your health food store specialists, and these can help you along tremendously.
  2. Get out your to-do list, start planning those projects that have been waiting since Christmastime, and get them started! A fresh coat of paint, organizing the basement, or purging those overstuffed closets, can not only make you feel like you have more room in your life, but you’ll have that wonderful feeling of having accomplished a task that’s been nagging at you for months.
  3. Challenge yourself! Take up a new hobby, sign up for that book club, or find out what your local community groups have to offer. Sometimes taking on a new endeavour can lead to new relationships, and who knows what exciting experiences can then grow from there!
  4. Embrace the season. Cuddle up in your favourite blanket, grab a new book, and hunker down on those cold days. Self-care can be one of the best things you can do when you’re feeling down. Running a hot bath, cooking up some comfort foods, and watching classic old movies can be a really nice way to get through those cold days and nights.
  5. Get out there and enjoy! Throughout our community we have many different events, dining experiences, festivals, and physical activities, that can only be enjoyed during the winter season.

Check out the “Community Events” section at the end of our magazine, to find out what’s happening in your neighbourhood, and to give you some ideas to chase away those winter blues!

Author: Kelli M. Maddocks

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