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by Silver Birch Design

This season’s home trend is all about embracing a ‘pared-down’ sense of style. As with all well-rounded design trends there is an art and balance that must be achieved before a space can be characterized as ‘Stunningly Simple’. The origins of this look are Scandinavian in nature and the key to its stylish success is its focus on 3 main elements:  simplicity, function and a connection to the outdoors.

Achieve simplistic perfection by starting with a monochromatic paint palette. Be sure to keep wall colour subtle; use only pale neutrals and whites. Some shades that will help you achieve this would be: Classic Gray (OC-23), Horizon (OC-53) and Decorators White (CC-20) by Benjamin Moore. Keep in mind, the important part about implementing a monochromatic look is to keep your overall palette to a minimum, select only 3-4 paint colours to use throughout your home. Create subtle transitions between spaces through the use of varying shades rather than colours. For instance, select light grey paint for large spaces, and in more defined spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms darken that same grey colour a couple shades. This will add depth to a space without interrupting the natural flow of your home.

As you build-up from this subtle, minimalist foundation you gain a lot more freedom with your home décor. You can now begin to layer textures, prints and accent colours without overpowering the space. In order to maintain your walls looking crisp, yet stylish select art that is simple and graphic. This will keep visual interruptions to a minimum; and make your walls appear larger. Opt for larger pieces of art that have a large portion of negative space in their layout. This creates a perfect combination of filling-up empty wall space, while reducing visual bulk in the overall design. Black & white prints are a classic way to achieve this, not only because they are minimalist, but because their timeless in nature and always add a sense of sophistication to a space. The tailored appearance of a black & white print can be an essential ingredient when trying to bring out that understated elegance in your laid-back style. Also, be sure that any art you hang is framed, a framed piece of art (whether valuable or not) will always help a room feel more put-together.

Finally, style your space with furniture and home décor that reflects your personal taste. Choose to keep things soft by continuing to layer neutral fabrics, tone-on-tone patterns and natural textures… Or choose to inject some vibrancy into your space with an accent colour. A little colour goes a long way in this case, so choose wisely where you want your eye-catching pops to reside. I prefer adding colour in toss pillows, unique accessories and small accent furniture. This way I am not committed to keeping that colour in my home, it is something that can be changed seasonally, or even years from now as my tastes change.

My last piece of advice in designing a simple,  yet stunning space would be that quality is king – well-made upholstery, organic materials and quality craftsmanship will showcase themselves in your home with little embellishment needed. Remember that this simplistic design trend goes beyond stark minimalism in your home, feel confident in featuring an understate look knowing that the core roots of luxury and detail will always shine through.

Style Consultant: Brittney Pasqualini, Silver Birch Design, Orangeville

Author: Living Spaces

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