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His Vision for the Restaurant … His Passion for the Community

When I get assignments for the magazine, the office will send me a project sheet. For this assignment, the project sheet was titled “Restaurant Feature – The Edge Wine Bar and Grille”. However, this proved to be not just another assignment, and not just your ordinary restaurant feature. This is a story of a father’s love for his son, and a man’s legacy of love, respect, and honour for the people and the town he loved so much.

Located on the upper level of the Headwaters Racquet Club, The Edge Wine Bar and Grille is an unexpected gem at the west end of Orangeville, ON. “Our first thought”, says owner Gary Coulter, “was to create this space in a blues and music lounge style, to tie in with the music industry and events that happen here in our area.” Gary shared and promoted this vision with his son Sean when they opened the space in March of 2011.

“For Sean, this was his baby”, explains Gary. It would be impossible to write this restaurant feature without telling you about Sean, as he had a vision for the restaurant, a passion for the community, and along with his remarkable personality made “The Edge”, a shining star whose impact has stretched beyond just its fabulous food.

Sean, for all who knew and loved him, left us much too soon. Just a very short time ago Sean lost his battle with cancer, an illness that he bravely fought for the past several years. Although his battle had its ups and downs, you would have never guessed, for Sean was well known for his beautiful smile, fun personality, and his kind, generous heart, always working hard to support those in the community and those who needed help. The restaurant was a great vehicle in which to host and promote a variety of charity events, and continues to do just that.

The Edge Wine Bar and Grille is an intimate setting, and does indeed have that “lounge style” feel, with the ability to host tables of any number, and host events for groups up to 100. “It’s an intimate, casual dining    experience that delivers on the highest quality of food and service,” says Gary. “The intent is to provide a ‘downtown lounge feel’ without the hassle of having to travel.”

The menu itself is designed to produce locally sourced dishes, with a variety of ingredients to suit every palate. Chef Greg assures us as well, that specific dietary concerns are not an issue. With such an extensive menu of fine food, it comes as no surprise to find out that they have an equally extensive wine menu, which of course compliments the cuisine perfectly!

In addition to their regular menu, Chef Greg has put together specials for each night of the week:

  • Monday Night – Ribs
  • Tuesday Night – Mussels
  • Wednesday Night – Steak
  • Thursday Night – Burgers
  • Friday/Sat. Night – Prime Rib

For those folks who just want to sit at a cozy table for 2, or pull up a stool at the very impressive bar, or have come to catch an evening’s entertainment, this is the right spot for you. The bar has been cleverly designed to be a showpiece, but doesn’t intrude on the other areas of the restaurant for those who want some quieter time. Between all the design features, colours, and clever utilization of space, this restaurant is simply elegant, dynamic, and well, just plain “cool”!

Sean’s vision for The Edge Wine Bar and Grille continues on, as his father and the incredible staff work hard not only on the restaurant and treating customers like family, but on the many other endeavours that Sean was the driving force behind.

Three years ago, Sean had a mission. He wanted to raise $100 thousand dollars for the Headwaters Hospital Oncology Department. “Taking the Edge off Cancer” – Sean’s “EDGEstravaganza”, is well on its way to obtaining its goal, and next summer will be entering its 4th year of fundraising. With the help and support of Sean’s colleagues and friends in the restaurant and brew industry, an exciting evening of dinner, drinks, and dancing on the Saturday evening, is followed with “Burgerquest”, on the Sunday afternoon. These two popular community events have provided much needed funding to our hospital, and provided the community with social events which have now become annual traditions. A legacy for both current and future healthcare needs, needs which touch every family.

Sadly, when Sean lost his battle with cancer just 5 days into 2017, the impact throughout the community was staggering. “Sean was so loved by so many”, says his proud father. “He loved this town, and the people in it.” And it’s true that this town loved him back. This past summer, the amazing people at the Orangeville Golf Club kicked off their first annual “Sean Coulter Shootout”, another charity event in this extraordinary man’s name, and also in support of the Oncology expansion at Headwaters Hospital.

Spending time with Gary Coulter was a privilege for me. This kind-hearted gentleman has eyes that shine with pride for his son Sean. Of course, you can still see that hint of sadness, as the grief is still very much at the surface for Gary as well as for Sean’s family and friends. Gary however, is quick to point out that “Sean is not gone, we all speak to him every day, and we feel him here with us, as strong as ever.”

This is the unique and special part of stepping into The Edge Wine Bar and Grille. With every delightful meal that’s served, every cocktail poured, every musician listened to, there is Sean. He is in everything they do, always at the forefront, always in their hearts and minds.

The Edge Wine Bar and Grille. One man’s gift to the community through food, fun, life and laughter. And one father’s tribute to a son lost all too soon, but whose impact will live on forever.

Written by: Kelli M. Maddocks  |  Photography: Cory Bruyea & Matt Maddocks

Author: Living Spaces

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