So just who is this “Saint Valentine” anyway? - Archived Post

An interesting question, and in my research I found out that the history behind the very popular day and it’s Patron Saint just might change the way some look upon this day, one traditionally filled with romance and love.

Surprisingly, there are several different historical accounts of Saint Valentine. The Catholic Church recognizes 3 different Saints named “Valentinus”, one of whom was a Priest who secretly performed marriages when Emperor Claudius II thought single men made better warriors, and had banned marriage for all. Unfortunately for the Priest, the Emperor found out, and ordered he be put to death.

Other stories suggest that Valentine was killed for attempting to assist Christians in escaping harsh Roman prison treatment. The story contends that while Valentine was himself imprisoned for his noble attempts, he fell in love with the jailor’s daughter, and before his death, sent a letter to her and signed it “From Your Valentine”. Both romantic stories indeed, however both Saints were honored primarily for their humanity, and for their respect for the rights of others.

So there’s a thought; what if we included in the current celebration that takes place on February 14th, not just a celebration of romance, but that of love for human beings, love of life, and love of all the relationships we are blessed with? This way, we expand on a day traditionally meant for two, and now the day can resonate with everyone, for everyone to celebrate!

Luckily, we can share here some fun ideas in which to spend February 14th, ideas to celebrate in your own special way:
1. Acknowledge yourself! Celebrate the wonderful person you are. Whether this means buying yourself a special treat – maybe some fresh flowers, maybe some lovely candles, maybe it’s that book you have been wanting to read, or maybe something simple like your favorite ice cream!
2. Grab your “peeps” and go do something fun! Movies, ice skating, playing pool, or just having a pot luck dinner and a game of cards! Spending time with the people you are closest to is a great way to show each other you care.


This day of love can be so much more than just celebrating your “significant other”, it can include everyone that you care for.
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Author: Kelli M. Maddocks

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