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Spring Cleaning … Mind Cleaning

Recently, I had the wonderful experience of meeting with Hazel McGuiness, internationally known for her “Gift” (you can read my interview with her in the upcoming Summer edition), and one thing we both agreed on is how much we love to clean! I mean to really sanitize, scrub, and shine the things around us. But what I was surprised at, was that we both loved cleaning for the very same reason.

There is something both relaxing and emotionally settling about cleaning our space. As a matter of fact, I cannot sit down to write one word if my house isn’t sparkling, candles are lit, and everything smells and looks fresh. I find the clean environment helps to settle my mind in an otherwise hectic and chaotic filled world. It’s one of the few things in this world, my world, that I can completely control. Not that everyone doesn’t love to have a clean space, but for me, and for the lovely Hazel, it assists with our emotional grounding; clearing the chaos, both figuratively and literally.

As we approach this lovely season of spring, cleaning, purging, and renewal are just some of the ways that we can rid ourselves of the closed, cold winter air. We throw open our windows and let the new fresh air in…a reset…a renewal. A perfect time to clean both our physical space and our mind space.

To help you begin planning your spring cleaning endeavour, here are just a few things to consider:

  1. Clean your dishwasher. Use some basic cleaning vinegar or product-based cleaners specific to this task, and clean your “best friend” at least once a season. Make sure you clear and unblock food and/or other unwanted materials that have become one with your appliance, set it on high temperature, and give your dishwasher some TLC!
  2. Wash down your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. If you begin to think of them as “furniture” you’ll be surprised to find how much dust, dirt, and other things have accumulated over time on the outside and inside surfaces of our most utilized storage spaces.
  3. The inside of your refrigerator. This task is another great way to use some “elbow grease”, and not only clean out the physical space of your fridge, but also the food, and condiments. You may be surprised to find out how many salad dressings and pickle jars are way past their due date …. I know I am!
  4. Your baseboards and stairway spindles. This is one of the cleaning jobs that I am not particularly fond of, but when it gets done (I also wash down the walls), your rooms will look and feel so refreshed, and sometime even more spacious! Sometimes, it’s the way it makes you feel that counts!

Cleaning our physical space is an essential part of our day-to-day lives, but if you use this time spent cleaning to think about life, the stresses you face, the issues you need to deal with, and maybe even work on a little anger management, you may be surprised as to how much you can accomplish towards the cleaning of your “mind space”.

However, if it’s simply a matter of not having the time to look after everything you need cleaned, then check the pages of Living Spaces Magazine for several local businesses that would be happy to do the job for you!

Happy Cleaning!



Author: Kelli M. Maddocks

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