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Have you ever seen a beautiful Christmas craft that you thought, “hmmm, I can do that,” and then it looks nothing like the picture? You want to say your pre-schooler did it to hide your shame. Well I’ve got the craft for you! It’s easy and beautiful and you will actually admit that YOU made it.


For this project you will need:

Glass gems

Hot glue gun

Mason jar

LED string lights or tea light

Bow & berries (or anything Christmassy)



Glue as many glass gems to the mason jar as you can (I glued them in rows to make it easier)

Decorate the lid as you like.

Put the string of lights (or tea light) in the jar and put the lid on.

I put a decorative wreath around the jar to add more of a Christmas feel but you can put anything you like, or keep it simple.

Author: Living Spaces

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