Taking the “Overwhelm” Out of Your Renos

There is a lot to be said for having a space that’s entirely your own, for taking comfort in the certainty that a room or house is not just yours in the practical sense (via the name on the deed) but also in the way that it has been designed. On paper, something like the change of wall colour or the selection of throw pillows might seem very small, possibly even trivial. Yet in practice these small changes to your space can make a huge difference to your mood and mental wellbeing. Sometimes it can make all the difference. It is the moment that makes the place truly your own – in every sense of the word.

Michaela, the owner of Donato Décor, learnt early on just how much your space affects your mental wellbeing. Accessibility was a factor in her home growing up and she saw that even the smallest changes could have a large impact on a person’s quality of life and overall happiness.

This realization triggered her passion for creating unique and tailored spaces. We all have personal needs and quirks that might make something that worked for the previous owners of our homes not work for us. Sure, in most cases, these small inconveniences can be lived with – but we shouldn’t have to. You don’t need to let a lack of confidence in renovations or a hesitancy for the hassle it might bring hold you back from your dream home. You just need to know the right person to ask for help.

With the warm woody smell of cozy nights floating in the air, I sat with Michaela in her charming farmhouse living room to discuss Donato Décor’s main goal, which happens to be exactly that: take the “overwhelm” out of redesigning your space so that there is nothing holding you back from making it a place that is truly and entirely your own.

Whether you are redoing your kitchen, looking for a paint consultation or gutting the entire floor and starting again, Michaela’s process, designed to leave you with your unique dream home and the least amount of stress, is always the same.

First, she meets with the family to talk. This is where she gets to know you, who you are, how you use the space, what you’re looking for and of course, what you’re not. From there, she takes a couple days to let the information sit and ideas come before she dives into creating a complete, top to bottom design. Only once she has a full digital rendering of her design with every detail in place does she bring it to her clients to approve or tweak as needed.

The reason for this is the same as everything else: Michaela has found that it is less overwhelming for homeowners to make one decision, with a completed visual for reference, than to try to make hundreds of little ones over the course of the whole process. With a completed visual to look at, homeowners can see what works for them and what doesn’t without having to try to imagine what each individual piece might look like when it finally all comes together.

Budget is another common source of stress when it comes to home improvements; these days especially, it can be difficult to know how and what to budget for. If you’re having a hard time settling on a number, don’t stress, Michaela helps manage the “overwhelm” here by first presenting an ideal design that ticks off all your wish list items and then adjusting as needed, with that all important visual starting point as reference. On the other hand, if you have a budget from the start, she will prioritize aspects of the design to help you stick to it, keeping your dream home within reach, regardless of the price tags.

Finally, once the design is approved, Michaela begins to arrange and oversee the installation process. From booking trades and managing project oversight, Michaela ensures the approved design is brought to life, without you having to lift a finger. She will handle all the overseeing in order to complete the job for you. Just as she’ll handle any unexpected issues that will come up. When it comes to home renovations, there will be unexpected changes. It can’t be avoided, but it can be managed if you trust the process – and Michaela!

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re looking for, the truth is always the same: your home is your sanctuary; it is the place where your life happens. You want that space to work with you, not against you. If you find that your home isn’t doing that, don’t stress – just give Michaela a call or send a message through her website donatodecor.com and let her take the “overwhelm” out of it!


Author: LivingSpaces

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