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Hard Work, Dedication and Loving What You Do

For most of us, plumbing is not a thrilling topic. Like me, I’d imagine most of you also have the luxury of not thinking about plumbing… until you have to think about plumbing – and then it’s the only thing you can think about. Thankfully, for Paul, the owner of Plumb Perfect, plumbing isn’t just his business, it is his passion. When I sat down with him and his wife, Terry, in their boardroom, in a renovated barn on their farm property in Caledon to discuss all things Plumb Perfect, they gave me so much to talk about that I am not sure I can fit it all in – but let’s give it a try!

The best place to start is the beginning, which in this case precedes Paul and starts with his father, who was one of the youngest plumbing contractors in the Toronto area in the 50s and 60s. His plumbing license (mandatory to run a business in those days) was PH127; to give you an idea of it’s significance, Paul’s number is P1357 and these days they’re issued in the 29000s.

Paul grew up visiting job sites with his father, watching the men work with their tools, melting lead themselves and using only their own strength to maneuver them. Having found these old tools on his property, Paul gave me a very quick lesson in pre-power tool plumbing and let’s just say, I’m definitely going to be a better writer than plumber!

It was through this and growing up on that farm I mentioned above (owned by them since 1963) that Paul learned hard work, dedication and a love for what you do, all of which he then used to contribute to Plumb Perfect’s success.

Paul and his father started a new commercial mechanical business together, learning not just business and mechanical skills but customer service. Lamoureux Mechanical Service Ltd. still works in the commercial sector while Plumb Perfect Ltd. works mainly in residential, filling a need for good quality, honest service for homeowners, particularly rural ones.

Today, Plumb Perfect employees are fully trained and licensed to handle plumbing, water treatment, septic and well services, as well as occasionally heating and AC. Regardless of which area they’re servicing, customers have always been Plumb Perfect’s priority. Along with Terry (who’s been key to the team for 30+ years), Paul looked into what customers were missing from other companies and planned to do better. Their motto is “Do What is Right”, and they enact this in every decision made. With “straight forward pricing” up front and 24/7 service, they work hard to maintain their win-win-win philosophy. First, the customer always wins, then their employees and finally, the company wins.

One of the biggest ways they do this is by providing their plumbers with fully stocked Sprinter ‘Super Trucks’, that carry over 10,000 parts along with up-to-date equipment and tools…  and even faucets and toilets! The reason they were one of the first to invest in these, and are diligent in maintaining them, is to ensure that every one of their plumbers will likely have what they need for any service call, thus saving their clients time and money.

Although they put the time into ensuring everything is done correctly the first time, sometimes the unexpected can happen. They offer full warranty, redoing any repair that requires it, and replacing anything that needs more than two repairs within the year, completely free. Again, they “Do What is Right”.

It’s not just repairs that they provide, they are ready to help with a variety of services such as water filtration, gas or electric hot water heaters, water softeners, pumps and well and septic service and inspections. Plumb Perfect is also a firm believer in preventative care and maintenance. Two products they sell to help homeowners with this are RootX, to prevent the regrowth of roots in sewer lines, and Bio-Clean which breaks down organic waste to keep your drains free flowing.

Unfortunately, I’m quickly running out of space, so I’m going to have to leave the good stories for Paul and the book he says he wants to write. What I’ll leave you with is this – a successful business comes down to hard work and the people – the people you work with, such as Devon who’s been with Plumb Perfect for 16 years and the customers you work for. Paul’s favourite part of the job is the people he meets and the relationships he builds with repeat customers, some spanning generations. They are who the work is for.

It’s also why he ensures that he gives back to the community that serves him. Every year, Plumb Perfect gives back 10% of their profits to charity; Paul is also a member of the Caledon Chamber of Commerce, The Dufferin Board of Trade and the Better Business Bureau.

There’s more I could say but now I really am out of words, so until Paul gives us that book, I hope what I’ve managed here really is plum(b) perfect.


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