Thinking of Investing in a Pool this Summer?

Ask a residential pool owner why he or she has one, and chances are you will hear a lot of different reasons. Some will say the backyard pool is the perfect spot for family recreation and bonding. Others will point out that swimming is one of the best forms of exercise there is. Then there will be people who find it more practical to take the thirty steps to get to their landscaped pool area, rather than drive hundreds of miles to a vacation cottage.

Yet, nearly all would agree that a pool is a major investment and all the proverbial “t’s” should be crossed and the “i’s” dotted before, and during, a pool installation.

It goes without saying that it is best to seek out an experienced and reputable contractor. There are several pool-building experts in the area and one of them is D&D Pools in Orangeville. The company leans on 30 years of experience on the construction site and more than 10 years at its retail store to ensure a headache-free build and proper pool maintenance thereafter.

In the beginning, a client and contractor must have a clear communication on what is desired and what is monetarily feasible. An experienced contractor can also determine what is most practical, in regards to the area and terrain where the pool is to be installed.

“We build in pretty diverse areas, in all type of properties from town lots, to country properties and estate subdivisions,” says D & D’s Dave Cadieux. “We will work on the most pleasing design that will fit within the client’s budget.”

“It is important there are no surprises that cause concern for our customers or for ourselves,” explains Dave. “So, we are very thorough and detailed with our quoting. During pre-installation, some customers may have a change of heart about a certain feature, and we can usually accommodate it, but pricing is always discussed in the event of a change. The pool itself, any options, utility and permit fees are all factored in.”

When it comes to permits and regulations, it is important to note that bylaws and rules are rarely identical when it comes to different municipalities. It is vital that clients be well-versed before construction begins. Examples of need-to-know criteria include properties that fall within conservation zones or protected area guidelines. Some municipalities require engineer drawings that must be approved before a project can commence. “The rules can vary by jurisdiction,” points out Dave. “Diligence is required to communicate with the local municipality, and it is beneficial to get the permit process underway early.”

As for what type of materials can, and should be used, in the pool construction, Dave finds that clients tend to be well informed and have a clear idea of what stone, concrete and/or other materials they want. “We can help guide them to products that will work best with their pool and property,” says Dave. “In the majority of installs the choices tend to be regional species. There are myriad offerings of stone and coping options to wade through, allowing clients to settle on the ones that best suit their taste.”

In a perfect world, every project proceeds from beginning to end without a glitch. Alas, we don’t live in a perfect world and contractors are, perhaps, aware of that more than anybody. Therefore, it is difficult to pinpoint what an average installation time would be for a pool. “Weather conditions can halt or slow a project, causing delays that nobody is happy about,” concedes Dave. “Therefore, we may not be able to predict to the day what the length of each installation will be but we do offer a reasonable estimate. There really is not much in the way of obstacles that we cannot overcome.”

Once the pool is built, D&D offers a number of value-added services; including pool opening and closing, and proper water maintenance and monitoring. Their retail store on First Street in Orangeville is open seven days a week and the staff can offer its expertise to assist with operational education, maintenance, chemistry instruction and any questions that might come up.

“We do have a lot of repeat and referral business, which is a testament to our quality work,” says Dave. “Many of our customers have been with us for more than a decade and for some we have built more than one pool after they have relocated.

“Some projects can pose unique challenges and we are able to work with the clients to overcome them. It is gratifying when a project comes to completion and we share in the excitement of our customers when their new pool is finally completed. We focus on the relationship and needs of the clients to ensure that they remain satisfied with their investment for years to come.”

Written by: Dan Pelton

Author: LivingSpaces

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