The Greens are Calling

The sun shines down upon you, and the freshly manicured greens – slightly dampened from the morning dew – squish beneath your feet as you step up towards the first tee to level up your shot. Your driver, slightly dusty from several long months in storage, is firm and familiar in your hands; still your old friend, even after the separation. You can feel the anticipation of the game in the air, and of course for the season to come. Spring is upon us, and that means that it’s time to collect your clubs and head out for what you hope is going to be a perfect season – but it’s been a long winter, and while you might be able to find your clubs, you’re now not quite sure where to go next. It’s a good thing, then, that Victoria Park Golf Club, with two locations on Victoria Road South in the south Guelph corner of Puslinch Township, has you covered.

Let’s rewind for a minute, back to that gorgeous day, and your perfect first game of golf – or, perhaps not quite so perfect after all. Decked out in your latest golf fashion (remember, there’s no point in both playing and looking badly), you line up your shot, take a steadying breath (keeping your head still!), swing back annnd… the ball putters about a foot in front of you before plunking into the ground with a decidedly tragic “thunk”. Not exactly how you envisioned it, huh? That’s okay though, remember – Victoria Park has your back. Instead of heading right off to that first nine, it might be time to check out either of their driving ranges and practice greens (one for each course), where from word of mouth not personal experience, of course, I can assure you that no one notices those first few rusty shots. If you’re whacking away and still feeling like you can’t pinpoint the exact moment your swing goes wrong, it’s okay! Victoria Park still has you covered; once again, both of their courses provide you with professional lessons that will get you on form in no time. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran just looking to get a few kinks straightened out, their one-on-one lessons, or group clinics (with separate settings for men, women or couples) will give you the coaching that you need to boost your confidence and have you enjoying this great game that we all love … usually!

So. We’ve gone to the driving range, and we’ve taken our lessons. Thankfully, after all that the sun is still shining and we’re finally ready to step back onto that first tee for that first perfect shot. Now your only problem is deciding where to go! Victoria Park has great variety between their two courses to keep you coming back. Whether it’s the older Victoria Park East, which opened in 1974 and is a 6500 yard 18 hole course, or the combination of the “nines” that make up the 27 hole (all par 3) Victoria Park Valley which opened in 2012, there is something for every golfer regardless of skill level, game preferences and time restraints. As a public and semi-private course, you can pay per game, or if you really fall in love with it (as we know you will) you can get a membership, giving you a variety of options depending on your preferences, including a choice between either or both courses and the amount of time that you expect to be spending on them.

After taking in a few rounds, sampling a bit of The East and The Valley, you’re probably looking for a little more – as any self-respecting golf enthusiast would. Once again, Victoria Park has the answers for you. For the ladies, their Wednesday Ladies’ League is a must-stop. Always filled with new or experienced golfers, you can’t go wrong with playing one of the Valley’s three nines before enjoying a deliciously prepared dinner. If the Ladies League isn’t quite for you, there’s still a spot for you at the monthly “Nine & Dine” that happens from May to August. Once again, you can get a group together to enjoy nine holes of golf at the Valley, and then an evening of food and music. It’s understandably a big hit, and we honestly don’t know what you’re waiting for.

So, now that the frost is melting and you’re itching to reach for your clubs, you know exactly what you need to do – find your cutest golf attire (again as my mother says: At least we can look good), and head out to Victoria Park East or Victoria Park Valley. If they don’t have something to get you started on everyone’s favourite game, then no one will!

Written By: Jillian Kent

Author: LivingSpaces

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