The Advantages of Having a New Garage Door

If your garage is built into your home, there is no doubt that it will take up a noticeable amount of square footage. Whether it be a single or a double garage, the look of the door is going to stand out. Visual appearance aside, you also want a door that will operate as flawlessly as possible for as long as possible.

Experienced experts in the business understand homeowners, their tastes and desires, and need for optimal functionality. Therefore, garage doors come in an extensive variety of designs and colours and the mechanical components are reliable and professionally installed.

Brenda Holmes, co-owner of All-Mont Garage Doors in Orangeville, understands the need for variety; especially in the Dufferin-Caledon region, where domiciles range from century homes to townhouses to larger estate lots. She notes that individual clients tend to have their own specific tastes and no single door design is ever all the rage. “There really isn’t a trend in people’s tastes,” says Brenda, “There is such a mix of homes, around here, that there is no one look.”

Virtual Showroom

Keeping in synch with the digital age, All-Mont has a helpful feature on its website. It is a virtual showroom that can be visited by clicking on your computer keyboard. The “build your own car” option that has been common to automobile websites has been adopted by All-Mont for garage doors.

It begins by picking an image of either single or double doors. The client is then asked to determine if his/her home is either a traditional or contemporary design, and the website offers up appropriate product lines to fit the building’s overall look.

The choice is there to either have windows, or not. If one opts for windows, it displays how they will appear, depending on size, design and if they are to be deployed vertically or horizontally.

The client can click on the available colours and choose what type of window glass would be preferred.

Is it still not helpful enough to determine what door is best for your particular residence? No problem. The site allows you to upload a photo of your residence and superimpose various door images on it.


When it comes to the actual look of your new garage, you might think there could be 20, perhaps even 30 or so different designs to choose from…Think, again.

Today’s garage door manufacturers can customize their product down to the smallest detail. In other words, there are literally thousands of different designs to choose from. The number is limited only by the customer’s imagination.

All-Mont deals with Garaga, a Canadian garage door manufacturer headquartered in St-Georges, Quebec. Garaga has a 40,000-square-foot plant in Barrie. They also distribute products from Entenatic, another reputable manufacturer.

Each offers a number of different style collections. The customer can select a look from one of them and, if he or she wishes, have alterations incorporated into the base design to make a door truly unique.

Whether it is that rustic, gabled look you are looking for, or something ultra-modern, the range accommodates all tastes. In addition, more windows can be added to shed more light on the garage interior.

As for functionality, garage door systems have also kept pace with technology progress. Garage door installation is a complex process and it is highly recommended that it be done by a reputable, warranty-backed contractor like All-Mont, which has been in the business since 1983 and from then until now has cemented its reputation for reliability and follow-up service. Brenda is joined in the enterprise by co-owners and experienced pros Frank and Marco Eichhorn.

Energy Savings

The advantages of having a new garage door go much farther than enhancing the exterior appearance of a home. One key, cost-saving advantage is that some contemporary doors are heavily insulated. “The new ones come with five or six levels of insulation,” Brenda points out.

While garages are stand-alone structures on some properties, it is common for them to be built into the house with rooms beside, behind and above it. A well-insulated door ensures warmth throughout the home without having to jack up the thermostat.

Ontario is also notorious for its relatively high Hydro rates and clients should certainly be privy to the warmth generated from receiving a monthly bill that has been reduced by a properly insulated door.

As for the opening and closing systems, the motor should have a standard of quality that it will last a number of years and perhaps a lifetime. All-Mont utilizes the highly regarded Liftmaster. The half-horsepower provides the punch necessary for the smooth, efficient opening and closing of garage doors.

A new advantage of using Liftmaster openers is that they now have built-in Wifi, which allows homeowners to download the free Liftmaster app on their smart phones. This app includes notifying people if they have left their garage door open or if somebody else is opening your door.  The app also works as a remote control for operation away from the home. 

Keeping on top of the complexities of all this new technology can be overwhelming.  A professional is more than familiar with all requirements and will certainly put your mind at ease. If problems should arise, the pro will possess the wherewithal to take care of them. Also, the security mechanisms on a new garage door will certainly be a step up from your current door system.

Homeowners deserve the perfect blend of panache and practicality a modern garage door can provide. It enhances where they live.

Why not enhance where the family car lives, as well?

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