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What could be better than being able to live, and entertain, creating beautiful memories in a custom- designed home? Well, how about adding a custom- designed backyard to add to those beautiful memories!

Our clever couple had the foresight to contract the services of a talented landscape designer, who in turn was just as clever to have Dave Cadieux and his team from D&D Pools execute on a stunning centrepiece of a complete backyard project.

“The homeowners worked with the designer to come up with a plan that was just as beautiful as their home, but at the same time didn’t compete with it” explains Dave. “As you can see from the photos, the pool is a simple design, with clean lines allowing for a clear view of the natural landscape that surrounds the property.”

While the architect created the original pool design, Dave and his team provided a couple of small “tweaks”, to better suit the homeowner’s needs. “The stairs that lead into the pool were made wider, and were ‘built-in’ to the actual structure of the pool. The design concept provides greater ease of use, safety, and aligns with the clean look seen throughout the backyard.”

In keeping with both the homeowners wants and values, the space was created to be a retreat for them as well as with family and friends. The pool itself was initially considered as something they wanted for their grand- children to enjoy. And throughout detail after detail, Dave and his team have delivered.” Another design element we suggested was to carve out ‘in pool’ seating directly beside the backyard entertaining space, so that on a hot day guests could be part of the conversation all while luxuriating in the pool, much like a resort pool would be.” Handsomely adorned with 2 waterfalls, and spectacular nighttime lighting, this pool is an incredibly beautiful space during both the day and the evening.

“We loved working on this project. The landscape designer along with the homeowners made this project very easy to complete, and as you can see, the end result of being able to cleanly blend the pool into the overall backyard space is something to be truly proud of.”

The uniqueness of this particular project speaks volumes about the talented team at D&D Pools. Their projects can be anything from simple yet stunning, to a one-of-a-kind design created specifically for their clients. “Our customers become like family to us here at D&D” says Dave, “that’s why we deliver nothing but the best.”

Mission accomplished!

Written By: Kelli M. Maddocks | Resources: D&D Pools & Spas, Orangeville

Author: LivingSpaces

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