Outdoor Living: The Advantages of Professional Landscaping and Garden Design

For many of us, we have to admit that our yards, front or back, are spaces not always used to their best potential. Whether it’s for our family or because we are hosting a function, more space outside is always a good thing! Who wants to spend time indoors, especially when we still have some warm weather left to enjoy? Yet, when the comforts of the inside are not properly reflected outside, it can be difficult to make the decision to leave those comforts. Sure, we wish to soak up more of those sun rays, and no space should be wasted, but for many of us, our outdoor areas just don’t live up to the standards that we would like. What we really need is a well-designed outdoor living space – thankfully that is exactly what Tumber Landscape Design & Build specializes in.

If you’re even slightly familiar with Tumber, then you are familiar with the high quality, organic work they produce. While each design is unique to the property and taste of its owners, there is a particular feeling that goes into each design that Tumber creates – call it the ‘Tumber Look’. This comes from the fact that Tumber tries to use mature and natural materials in their landscapes as often as they can, most notably weathered landscape rocks, plucked directly from Mono farms, and large native plant material. By strategically placing rocks and plant material, and integrating or creating grade changes, you’re quickly able to have a space that seamlessly blends into the surrounding landscape, so much so that even your most frequent guests will have a hard time telling where the new landscape starts and ends! They’ll believe you designed the entire yard around the living space, rather than simply placing it into, or worse yet on top of, the landscape.  In the end, your outdoor spaces aren’t much different than the interior of your home. You might possibly have consulted many experts to ensure that your home is at its peak potential. So why wouldn’t you do the same when it comes to your yard?

When it comes to helping you build an outdoor living space which you will truly love, Tumber’s main focus is on understanding you, the client, and your vision for your property. They work closely with each of their clients along every step of the journey – from planning, to design, to creation and even maintenance, Tumber truly builds and maintains a connection between themselves and the clients. Although it often begins as a business relationship, they soon get to know you and you quickly get to know them – it becomes personal, and any barriers that existed come down and a truly collaborative and enjoyable experience is created. Moreover, as a full-service design build company, Tumber manages all aspects of the project, simplifying communication and allowing you to easily stay on top of the current status of your project. No more dealing with awkward middlemen, receiving different answers to the same question from different people, or having to pay several invoices to multiple parties. With Tumber, your landscape transformation is one smooth and continuous journey from beginning to end.

Once you’ve selected Tumber for your landscaping, they will begin their very simply three step design process:

  1. First the consultation. This meeting is to get to know the client and discuss their ideas, interests and wants for the project.
  2. From the information gathered in the consultation, they’ll create a preliminary sketch. These hand drawn sketches are extremely flexible – nothing is set in stone at this stage (not even the stones!). The idea here is to provide you with a visual look at what they have planned that is still easy to adjust, ensuring that they capture exactly what you are looking for.
  3. Finally, they create a master plan and planting plan. This is where everything is pulled together and the blueprint for the installation of the project is finalized.

The biggest advantage of turning to someone like Tumber for your landscaping is that they understand the work inside and out. Broadly speaking, they can look at an empty yard, listen to your vision for the property, and produce a fully integrated landscape design that meets all of your wants and needs; more specifically, they can take an interest of yours – say birds – and ensure it’s incorporated into your landscape design by adding specific plant material to attract particular species. Just like a contractor for your home, they know how to do it right – the first time.

So, while the warm weather is still here, it’s time to stop sitting inside! It’s time to give Tumber a call and transform your yard into an outdoor living space so you can get on with that outdoor living!

Written by: Jillian Kent

Author: LivingSpaces

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