Create a Unique Personality for Your Home’s Entrance

First impressions matter – especially your home’s entrance. No wonder we invest such love and planning into our garage doors. Fortunately, when garage doors are a local family business, like All Mont Garage Doors in Orangeville, you can count on a long-standing commitment to workmanship and taste. Leading a 36-year tradition, All Mont Garage Doors, owned by Frank Eichhorn, Marco Eichhorn and Brenda Holmes, is known for diverse designs ranging from traditional to contemporary.

The sibling trio are the garage door experts of Orangeville. They’ve been continuing the legacy of their father, Wim Eichhorn, who immigrated from Holland, bringing along his long-standing expertise. Together, the family keeps their roots in time- honoured standards and eclectic style – a value that runs in their blood. So whether you are looking for a modern statement for your entrance or a classic, country inspired look, All-Mont Garage Doors tailors every plan to meet their clients’ ideal vision.

What about letting some light into your garage? “With the current trend of using glass window accents, many clients are upgrading their entrance with fixed windows,” Brenda explains. You can explore a variety of window layouts to give your door the exact character you imagine. A symmetrical design creates a sense of harmony, while a full-glass arrangement brings a bright, contemporary feel. As the most light-inviting look, the all-glass door welcomes natural radiance and creates a warm, peaceful effect. By making the space more sunny and pleasant, they enhance the overall appeal of your home’s entrance.

When selecting your glass, there are a variety of material qualities to match your budgeting and creative needs. The All-Mont team consults in detail about the different types of glass. “There’s thermo pane double- sealed glass or single pane (non insulated),” she explains. They focus on personalization, helping clients select the exact window arrangement to complement the garage door and the home’s overall architecture.

If perhaps you prefer the simplicity of a more traditional theme, you may consider the pastoral quality of a barn or coach door. After all, the classics never go out of style. A charming barn door makes the perfect complement for homes located in “suburban areas with open, green landscapes,” Brenda says. For the classic standard panel door, you might envision the long rectangles or the smaller squares. When crafted in wood, they create a calming rustic look – a humble type of elegance. But if you’re not keen on the high-maintenance needs of wood, you can always opt for steel or aluminum. Not only are they easier to manage, but these durable, long-lasting materials stand strong through all the seasons.

Keeping both curb appeal and function in mind is always at the heart of giving clients the optimal garage door. When it comes to insulation, you may choose from an array of insulation techniques, from a low polystyrene to a high foam injected door. The All-Mont team will recommend the proper level of insulation required. As Brenda explains, “if there’s a room above the garage, you might consider a more advanced scale of insulation to protect the internal heating of your interior space”. Investing in thermal protection for your garage door offers the best value, especially if you use your garage for family activities.

Then, there’s the matter of colours. The All-Mont team will review the latest trends and provide examples from the portfolio to help clients arrive at a stunning colour choice. Or perhaps you’re also looking to add some special decorative hardware? Whichever possibilities you see, you’re invited to enjoy the planning process. Take the time you need to carefully choose the colours and accents for your garage door. It truly defines the face of your home.

Every theme, arrangement and material creates a unique personality for your entrance. You can start imagining the potential by using All-Mont’s design centre, available on their website at You can visualize the before and after photos, letting you connect more closely with the design process and help you feel confident about your goals. “There’s also an online quoting system on the website,” Brenda reveals. This pricing model maintains an upfront approach where fees are transparent and most importantly, trustworthy.

Alternatively, you can begin your first step with a more hands-on experience by scheduling an appointment at All-Mont’s showroom, located at 48 Centennial Rd Unit 20. With hundreds of garage door models, you can explore a sea of options. The materials are manufactured here in Canada, allowing the All-Mont team to ensure quality and reliability every step of the way. Collect colour samples and brochures to take home with you, and let your imagination do the rest!

When you’re ready to arrange an on-site consultation, one of All-Mont’s experts will visit your home for a full-scale overview of your space. As they bring their family to yours, clients receive first-class treatment – an experience that’s positive, professional and right-at-home.

Written By: Rachel Esco

Author: LivingSpaces

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