BUSINESS PROFILE: Alton Greenhouses and Garden Centre

With the cold grip of winter finally behind us, we begin to look forward to the rejuvenating warmth and comfort of the summer sunshine.  We think of lazy afternoons in the garden, drinking lemonade and tending to our little nurseries at a leisurely pace. We imagine things like trail walks, patio BBQs and lush gardens brimming with beautiful fragrant foliage. We look to the garden centers to help us fill our yards with a colourful kaleidoscope of flowers and plants but often times find the same old tired variety as the year before. If you want some fresh new ideas, you should visit Alton Greenhouses and Garden Centre.

Cindy and Bill Spaans, owners and operators of Alton Greenhouses and Garden Centre, started their business in 1980. They began as wholesalers for some of the larger grocery stores but then decided to turn their attention to retail. Their expansive greenhouse covers two acres of land and houses a selection of plants and flowers that is unmatched. They are seventh generation growers and raise most of their plants from cuttings; taking care of plants is their passion and strength. They are constantly attending seminars to improve their skills as well as market changes. With their 39 years of experience, and their daughters, Candice, Jasmine and Billie-Jo, they’ve built a prominent reputation in the community. They are very proud of the amazing people they encounter every day and hope to inspire their passion for flowers and gardening in each customer.

This family run business takes its craft seriously, dedicating themselves to their work seven days a week and their tireless efforts are shown through every well grown, lushly colourful plant and flower they place into the hands of their customers. Walking into this extensive garden centre is like walking into a paradise so lush and energetic that it brings to mind secret gardens and fanciful getaways. It is bursting with thousands of top quality annuals, vegetables, herbs, tropicals, perennials, vines, trees and shrubs. Alton Greenhouses and Garden Centre gives off a welcoming atmosphere, ample selection and their trademark hanging baskets. When you browse through the selection of hanging baskets at this greenhouse you are never at a loss for something you can love. Every basket has been hand crafted by the team at Alton Greenhouses and it is apparent in the unique and vivid pairings that each basket holds. There are over 300 exclusive combinations in 4 to 5 different sizes that have come from the creative minds that make up the team. Wandering around this two acre establishment is an experience in and of itself. It houses so many varieties that you find yourself losing hours in favour of exploring and seeing an assortment that always has something new and exciting to offer. This experience transcends the greenhouse itself and you go home with a sense of peace, a connection and a calm that we all crave. It’s a feeling that invites one back time and time again to broaden your horizons, learn new tricks of the trade and pick the brains of the experts who have devoted themselves to selling not only their plants but giving you that really satisfying feeling. What the family and team at Alton Greenhouses and Garden Centre ultimately want for their customers is “a love of all things gardening”. They want you to go home with a new plant, nurture it and watch it grow and then come back and share your successes and joy with them. They want you to be part of the plant loving family that prides themselves on putting in the effort to cultivate such phenomenal and remarkable greenery. When you walk into Alton Greenhouses, you walk into a home that is so glad to see you because “it’s you, the customer, who makes us who we are!”

Written by: Tala Jenkins

Author: Living Spaces

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