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When any company starts out, it will present its reason for existence, its perceived market and its vision for the future. There is really only one factor that will decide whether that plan is correct … and that factor is time.

Only time will tell if the company will be stable enough to reach its revenue and market potential. Happy 50th Anniversary Allto Construction. You have stood the test of time!

In 1969, Larry Acchione, along with a backhoe, started a one man, one machine, Excavation Company. Today, that company has grown to the point where, in 2019, it deploys over 50 pieces of heavy equipment servicing a client base that ranges from homeowners to builders of subdivisions, commercial, industrial and institutional sites.

From the moment he first set foot on a construction site, it was clear that Larry was destined to be an entrepreneur. By the end of his first day working as a labourer for a sewer and watermain company he was promoted to the lead pipe layer. By the end of his first month, he was foreman of his own crew.

“The minute I first set foot in the trenches, I knew it was for me. I was home,” recalls Larry as he reflects back to the late 1960’s. “I just loved the smell of dirt and machines, the quick thinking, and even the yelling and screaming that went with the industry at that time.”

What differentiates Allto Construction from many other contractors is that it has diversified itself to the point where it is a one-stop shop for excavation, sand & gravel supply, road building, demolition, sewer and watermain, as well as the design, installation and maintenance of septic systems.

The talent and expertise for all these operations is under one roof, whereas other companies may have to subcontract out parts of the project; Allto can take you from the start of your project straight through to the finish.When examining the Allto success story, what stands out is that Larry Acchione and the management team grasped what a company truly is; a group of talented individuals committed to the same goal.

How often have we read biographies about leaders of industry who started from scratch and “built” their companies into multi-million dollar concerns? Allto Construction has been built from the ground up by Larry and his team. They have worked hard to get where they are and continue to push the envelope to set themselves apart from others in this line of work.

During an interview with the Acchione’s, what stood out was not only everything they have accomplished, but how much their employees mean to the company.

Instead of focusing on past projects, or the magnitude of their growth, they emphasized the camaraderie among co-workers and stressed how vital their participation and skill sets were to the success of Allto Construction.

The pride in Angela’s voice was most detectable when she stated: “We have the combined expertise of hundreds of years all under one roof, there is just no substitute for the experience that comes with 50 years in the business.”

The company prides itself in having maintained its core values of their people, integrity, excellence and stewardship over the past five decades. Nick Acchione also points out that, even though Allto has grown significantly, it is still able to complete the relatively small residential jobs along with large site servicing projects. “If it is someone’s backyard or a subdivision, everyone’s important to us,” he says.

A paragraph on the company website summarizes nicely the standard Allto strives for:

“We build, we shape the land, we work together with integrity, never compromising our ethics. Since 1969 we have thrived on strong principles. Our core values remain the cornerstone of our company and guide our leaders and workforce everyday.”

Allto’s dedication to service is not just a 9 to 5 commitment. Emergency situations do arise and the staff is ready to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If there is a watermain break or your septic system backs up at 3 in the morning, Allto will mobilize the team and the machines to complete the repair. “When you call,” says Chris Acchione, “we pick up the phone day or night.”

When a company has been around for half a century and continues to be a thriving enterprise, it would be understandable if it wished to maintain the status quo and continue with the tried and true that got it to the top. Not so for the folks at Allto. While they abide by the aforementioned core values, they also realize industry technology is advancing and Allto strives to set the pace.

“We continue to invest in technology,” Chris points out. For example, Allto deploys three-dimensional GPS technology to ensure a project is carried out to a design’s exact specifications; ensuring accuracy and speeding up the work saves time and money for  everyone involved.

The nature of the construction industry is constantly changing. The rules and regulations that govern it are constantly changing, as well. Let’s say you want a pond on your property. On the surface, it looks like a relatively simple job to execute. Dig a hole, fill it with water and there you are. Sorry, it is not that easy. Governments at the municipal, provincial and federal levels are extremely wary of the environmental impacts of such projects and have laid down codes that are strictly enforced.

Not only does the contractor need to be an expert at the actual excavation, he or she also needs to know how to expertly navigate and cut through the  abundance of red tape.

Allto is one company that is aptly qualified in all aspects. Allto has faced the test of time and aced the exam. The company has been here for 50 years and will continue to thrive for decades to come.

Potential clients should give this longevity serious consideration. The type of work Allto is involved in requires expertise of many years in business to do confidently. The value of having so much experience under one roof cannot be overstated.

Not only is the company 50 years old. As its slogan says, it is also “50 years strong”

Written by: Dan Pelton

Author: Living Spaces

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