The Healthy Game of Golf in Dufferin and Wellington County

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I’m a terrible golfer. But, I love to golf. There’s something about being out in the fresh air, taking in the beauty of our area, and smacking a tiny little ball down that emerald fairway! Ahem…well, sometimes down the fairway, as quite often I miss the ball altogether…

Golfing is not only great for the body, but it can also be great for the soul.

Check out just a few of health benefits that golfing can bring your way:

Heart Health – Playing golf can lead to quite a bit of exercise for your heart. The walking, carrying, and swinging will definitely increase your heart rate. This can also lead to improved blood flow. Even those who chose to take a motorized cart, will still get the benefits from swinging the club, and taking those short but frequent walks to the ball.

Bladder Strength – This is a new one for me. Believe it or not, those frequent visits to your friendly golf course “beer-cart” can give your bladder a run for it’s money! The longer you learn to hold it, the more you actually strengthen the capacity of your bladder.
(An interesting thought, but I’m not sure I would call this particular one a “health benefit”. I suppose it all depends on how you look at it!)

Brain Power – With an increase in heart rate, comes an increase in blood flow to all areas of the body, including the brain. Healthy flow of blood to the brain can stimulate and improve nerve cell connections. This can often help in the delay of mental illnesses such as dementia. Other brain benefits come via the mental math required in tallying scores and improving strategy, and in fostering good hand-eye coordination.

Stress Reduction – Golf helps to alleviate stress. The pleasure of walking in an open and natural environment while spending time with friends, places golfers in a good mood. This occurs because playing a round of golf serves to release endorphins, those natural, mood-enhancing chemicals floating around our brains, making you happier and relaxed.

Better Sleep – This one is my favourite!  Since you’re getting quite a bit of fresh air and exercise, your tired body will thank you at night when it’s time for bed. Golfers will fall asleep faster and sleep more profoundly, and are often able to remain in a deep sleep for longer periods of time, due to the amount of energy expended playing the links.

Improves vision – It requires pretty good vision to zoom in on that little white ball that’s often many yards away. Even when the ball is on the tee prior to the drive, golfers are presented with the opportunity to hone their keen hand-eye coordination.

There are many great golf courses right here in our area to choose from, that there’s no excuse to not get outside and play a round with some good friends. It’s not only fun, but now you know it’s good for the heart … and the soul!

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Author: Kelli M. Maddocks

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