Stretching Summer!


Being Canadian, we’re all pretty skilled players when it comes to moving successfully through the seasons. No, not just “winter and construction”, but all 4; winter, spring, summer, and fall. And since we’re now just beginning to see the first signs of transitioning from summer into fall, It’s likely that we’re doing everything we can to squeeze as much outdoor activity out of the beautiful late-summer weather.


Late summer golf is to me, preferable to summer golf. Heading out to play when the temps are just a little cooler into the evening is wonderful. One of my favourite places to hit, or try to hit that little white ball, is The Iron & Eagle, a comfy, welcoming little 9-hole course nestled out amongst the farmland in Orangeville. There’s actually a host of great golf courses in our surrounding counties, and now that the busy summer crowds have died down, some are offering special rates, and gladly welcome the business.


Biking (whether the motorized or the pedal type) in the late summer through the trails and backroads means less traffic, and again, those welcoming cooler temperatures as the sun begins to set. The same can be said really, for most outdoor endeavours. It seems that we’re often so busy in the summer with all the amazing festivals, events, and concerts taking place almost every weekend, or busy with family celebrations or getaways to cottages and trailers. So when this “busy season” starts to wind down, life seems to get a little quieter and a little more relaxing, yet still holds a lot of warmth and daylight to keep us entertained for a few more weeks.


So yes, fall will come, and soon we’ll be digging out the rakes and plaid sweaters. But until then, and while mother nature is still keeping us warm for the next few weeks, get out and enjoy those last few rounds, those last dips in the lake or pool, those lazy afternoon rides, and best of all, those beautiful warm twilight nights on your favourite patio – likely the one right at home!

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