Spend Local, Sustain Community

Shopping Local Builds and Sustains Communities

I love Amazon. I can purchase just about anything I want, or need,  right from my living room couch, have it delivered straight to my door, all while wearing my pajamas. That bottle of Turmeric, pink hair dryer, perfume, or even groceries and meat, are all just a click away, and very convenient. But what is it doing to my neighbors? What is it doing to the lovely cashier I like at our local grocery store? What is it doing to our community as a whole?

Well of course, the number 1 reason we should al be thinking “Shop Local” is for the communities economic strength. Each dollar you spend at independent businesses returns 3 times more money to your local economy than one spent at a chain (almost 50 times more than buying from an online mega-retailer) .

In addition to building the local economy, when a community has a thriving retail segment, it provides a draw for tourism. When a community can offer products and services that are unique, consumers will travel, just to get that “special something”, and spend money in other local business’s while they are here. When you have a unique community, that can offer more than just “large chain entities”, consumers from other areas will appreciate spending their hard earned money.

Another great benefit to the consumer when shopping local, is the personal service it provides. If a small business is doing it right, customer service, and the “one on one” touch that is offered, gives the customer a sense of “importance”, and they would be right! A small business, offering unique, and/or specialty products needs consumers (especially local ones) to sustain, and grow their livelihood.

In our incredible region, we as consumers are very lucky to have the “farming community” right at our fingertips. This lends itself to “healthier” choices when it comes to things like, fresh vegetables, meat, dairy, and other items instrumental in keeping both ourselves, and the community  healthy. Which is also unique, in that we can get to “know” who is behind the products we consume. Local farmers are quick to engage with their community, and are always happy to speak directly to the consumer regarding their farming practices.

Beyond products, engaging in other local events, culture, and dining, is an easy way to enjoy what your community has to offer. Purchasing tickets to the local theatre, attending festivals, eating in your favorite local restaurant, where the staff know what you are drinking even before you sit down, is essential to living a great life, but just as essential to be right in the middle of a thriving community for you, the people you love, and the future of your “great living space”.

Living Spaces and Lifestyle Magazine, profiles local business, across many retail, trade, and services through the area. If you are looking to keep shopping and investing  local, look no further than the pages of our magazine!

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