Real Estate …. or Renovate?

Your home is your castle. But maybe your castle has looked a little rough lately. The towers need re-roofing, the drawbridge has a broken chain, and the moat smells a little, well, moat-y. So you look around and you think, do I spend my hard-earned gold on fixing all these issues, or do I just pack it all up and move to that new castle subdivision they’re building over in the next valley?

Well, you’re not alone. It’s probably something every homeowner faces at least once, if not more, over their entire home-owning life. At our home, we’ve made many upgrades over the few years that we’ve been here; replacing tired carpet with hardwood and laminate, new paint, a bathroom reno, and brand-new windows, and all because we love our home, and we have to look after it, to protect both us and our investment.

But from time to time, we find ourselves scanning through the magazines, the web, and the local papers, perusing the real-estate sections just to see what’s out there, option-wise. A new home with all the upgrades would be nice, nothing to fix or paint, just move in, hang a few pictures and put your feet up!

But then there’s your castle. You picked it first, and there’s always going be something about this place that makes you feel like it’ll always be home. So, it’s back to weekends at the home reno stores, and time spent researching contractors. For a head start, check out the contractor listings in Living Spaces & Lifestyles.

And remember to consider the re-store businesses in our area when starting your reno, your old laundry tub might be just the beer cooler someone is looking for!

Author: Living Spaces

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