Feet, Feet, Glorious Feet!

Oh how I love sandal season! It’s the one time of the year, I actually like my feet. I also just happen to own quite a collection of summer footwear …. so there’s that ….

Beyond having pretty painted toe nails, scrubbed, polished feet, there is more to taking care of these grounding features, and it can be essential to feeling your best … head to toe!

Your feet need to be healthy, and so does your footwear. There are so many ailments that can make life excruciating for us, as the years go on, and we have put some “wear and tear” on our bodies. For myself, I was a figure skater for several years, and as I aged, my knees and hips, began to ache. I consulted with my doctor, and took some “physical” measures to ease the issue. However, one of the key things I began doing was wearing Birkenstock sandals. The difference they made, as a “natural orthotic” was incredible. I wasn’t crazy about the look, but I certainly was in love with the way they made my body feel.

Now I wear them every day, all year long, as both sandals, and slippers. We have some lovely shoe stores in this area, who carry some wonderful shoe lines, designed for comfort, and style, and they can make the difference between having a good day, or a great day!

The other thing to think about when it comes to your feet, is their actual health. You want to make sure you are looking for any issues with your skin, and nail beds. Some things to be aware of when checking out your feet are:

  • an injury that doesn’t heal or becomes infected;
    any part of your foot or leg that turns blue or black;
    pain when walking that is relieved by rest;
    reduced sensation to pain or extreme temperatures;
    any unusual coldness, cramping, numbness, tingling or discomfort in your feet.
  • So get out there, and bare it all!!! Well, your feet anyways ….

For some great advice on foot care, you can check out the “Walking in Good Health” article, in this summers edition of Living Spaces and Lifestyle magazine.

Author: Kelli M. Maddocks

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  1. Very nice article! I enjoyed the read and agree with taking care of our foot comfort wise, and pedicures are a summer must!

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