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Like any good Canadian, when asked what my favourite season is, I will stay loyal to our versatile climate and say that there are merits to all four. While I do mean it when I say that I would miss all of the seasons – yes even winter – if I lived somewhere else, I have to admit there is something special about long summer nights; watching the sunset with family and friends (preferably near a body of water and with a drink in my hand too). Ask anyone and they will know exactly what I mean. Something magical happens in the warm breeze of those summer twilight hours. If someone could bottle those moments and sell them, there would be lines out the door.

While Wendy’s Favourite Things on Broadway in Belwood may not be able to sell you that, they can give you everything you need to turn your summer getaway, be it a cottage, trailer or just your backyard, into an entertainment oasis that will help you create that magic for yourself.

There’s a patio I frequent in the summer with a group of friends, in the middle there is a large tree, and when the sun sets, they flick a switch and light up the space with beautiful lights, dancing through the branches of the tree. It’s such a simple thing, but that little touch truly transforms the space into something, well, a little magical. The best part is, it’s a little thing that can be added to any space to really amplify it. There is no space that can’t be improved with the right lighting – the question just becomes what is the right lighting?

The natural place to start always seems to be with those classic looks that stand the test of time. These can easily be achieved with tall traditional lanterns, with the four panels of glass, sturdy wood bindings and decorative touches to add personality and a uniqueness to each piece. There’s a reason, after all, that this shape has been used for centuries and it is not just practicality. The soft wooden edges of the varieties that Wendy’s Favourite Things carries allows them to be versatile pieces that can fit into both rustic and more elegant settings, and the glass panes make them the perfect outdoor option, as they protect your flame against the wind. These spacious lanterns can be used for a wide range of décor, giving you the freedom to really play with the space, and make it yours. Sold in a variety of sizes and styles, you can mix and match to create the perfect atmosphere for yourself and your guests.

If a rustic look, however, is more to your taste, another great option would be solar powered hanging lanterns which, of course, Wendy’s Favourite Things can also offer you. These lanterns are great for any location, though campsites (or anywhere with low electricity) are perfect as they do not require batteries or an electrical outlet, simply the bright summer sun to power them up all day, so that the lamp can cast an equally warm glow all night. The design made out of sturdy metal and mesh, in neutral whites or black, gives them a more natural look, ensuring that they will not overpower a space, but rather give it a subtle nod, complimenting the other features that are present.

Personally, I have always had a soft spot for the gentle twinkle of “fairy lights” and the way that they can transform a generic space into something “otherworldly” once the sun is down.  And this is likely why the delicate, flower painted orbs filled with string lights in yellow or blue caught my eye. Place a few of these around your room or outdoor space, click them on and watch your space transform from the ordinary to the extraordinary. The best part? They can be combined with any of the lanterns, stands or platforms to create layers and angles as well. The options are endless.

Which, honestly is the theme of Wendy’s Favourite Things. We’ve barely scratched the surface of décor lighting, and there is still so much more to be explored, from beautiful glassware to serve your drinks, to Maxwell Williams serving dishes in a spectrum of patterns and styles to ensure that they’ll fit into any style. I could go on and on, however, then we would be taking space away from everyone else, so I’m going to use the last bit of room to remind you of this:

Whatever you’re looking for, whether it’s lighting to make your space glow, décor to ensure that your place feels like yours, or something you haven’t even thought to look for yet, Wendy’s Favourite Things has it – you’re just going to have to come in and see for yourself!


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