What’s New in Kitchen & Bathroom Design?

When it comes to redesigning, (and, in fact, redefining) a room, homeowners often need help envisioning the new setting.

There are so many styles and ideas that could suit a client perfectly, but she/he may not have thought of them. In fact, there are existing renovation and design solutions that a client might not even be aware of.

To overcome this, professionals in the field have found that a showroom is a great way to open people’s minds.

Oliver Muhs of NAK Cabinetry in Orangeville is one of those pros. A ten-year veteran of the cabinetry installation and customizing business, he also has a background in architectural design.

This summer, Oliver and the NAK team plan to open a 2,500-square-foot showroom on C-Line in Orangeville, with 2,000 square feet dedicated to display. When people enter a showroom, Oliver contends, they achieve “the touch and feel of the materials…they can see that there are so many things you can do.”

The company aims to supply new ideas and insights into vital rooms in a residence, including bathrooms and kitchens.

When figuring out how to achieve maximum utilization of space in a kitchen renovation design, there are innovative systems available that you may not know were in existence.

One such example is a pull-down spice rack provided by Richelieu, one of NAK’s suppliers. This mechanism is installed at the rear of an upper cabinet and can be pulled down easily and smoothly to give instant access to spices and smaller utensils.

Alongside these pull-down systems are pull-out systems which allow for cabinet space in corner areas that normally would not be accessible.

The pull-out systems have chrome-railed shelves and a techno- logically advanced three-slide system that provides complete stability. Adjustable shelving allows up to five storage surfaces, maximizing your available space. These are a mere sampling of what is available in space-saving technology. Oliver sums it up by stating: “The sky’s the limit, in terms of mechanical devices.”

Over the years, there has also been a dramatic increase in the range of tiling available for backsplashes, counters, floors etc. With this in mind, Oliver intends to dedicate half the showroom to tiling ideas. There will be over 100 backsplash samples, alone.

As for floor tiling, the product range has advanced to a degree of style and sophistication that many homeowners might not be aware of. For example, there has been a shift towards wood floors in the kitchen, mostly because they provide a warmer atmosphere. A drawback to this is that wood is less ideal in a high traffic area. It is more difficult to clean and maintain than tile flooring, and also has a tendency to warp and crack over time.

Yet, here is an example of where a dilemma of form over function has been addressed and a solution has been reached. There is tiling that has the same authentic grain patterns as wood flooring that can be heated to your comfort level and is so similar in appearance to wood flooring that people can barely notice the difference.

As for more traditional tiling, Oliver notes that the trend has been to larger tiles with either 12×24-inch dimensions or larger. “The primary desire is aesthetics,” he says, “and they are also easier to clean and maintain.”

If you are of the opinion that larger is better when it comes to tiling, there are actually single tiles out there that measure 48-by-96 inches the same dimensions as your average sheet of plywood.

A new and comprehensive NAK website will soon be released. It is loaded with information and advice, but is formatted in such a way that a visitor will leave it with a much better perspective on how an effective renovation is accomplished. For example, it explains the key role lighting plays, and points out what type of lighting is most effective. Lighting schemes can include under-cabinet lights, pendant lights that hang over a kitchen island, and recessed lights over work areas such as the sink. For those on a budget, the website suggests longer runs of attractive track lighting with five or six heads. This, the site points out, can have the same visual impact as installing four-inch pot lights in the ceiling, but without the added cost of rewiring and refinishing.

While NAK Cabinetry can work wonders with high-end customized renovations, it also has the inventory and flexibility to provide top-notch cabinets at a lower price. The prefabricated units available at NAK might not be as efficient, space-wise, as customized cabinets, but are still attractive and highly functional.

While NAK can handle all the complexities of a renovation, its mission statement is simple and to the point.

“You can trust our team of experts to organize and manage your project while delivering beautiful results that enhance your lifestyle, adding significant resale value to your home.”

Written by: Dan Pelton | Photography: Cory Bruyea

Author: LivingSpaces

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