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If you’re anything like me, you have been spending a lot of time at home recently and the definition of “a change of scenery” has become moving from watching the TV in the living room to streaming a movie from your bed. Many of us, as of late, have become far better acquainted with our homes than we previously were – and while sometimes a better acquaintance helps us fall more in love, it can also give us time to notice the flaws instead. Whether it’s a couch that doesn’t quite fit the room anymore, a bed that just isn’t cutting it, or a home appliance that isn’t functioning, we can promise you that you are not alone in realizing that it just might be time for an upgrade.

Unfortunately, these days who has the time to do all that shopping? It’s enough to just make it to the grocery store, who wants to go out of their way, traveling to several stores to get the best price, or even just find what you need? It can be a hassle to upgrade our homes, which is why many of us simply ignore the obvious flaws and tell ourselves that we can just make do. 

Not for much longer, however. Once we let you in on our little secret – which frankly, isn’t much of a secret at all – you’re going to be wishing that you could go shopping for furniture, tech or appliances every day. What you need is Top Choice Electronics!

The outside of their building, a modest storefront off of Highway 6 North in Guelph, does nothing to prepare you for the seemingly endless number of products on display in their 25,000 sq. ft showroom – by far one of the biggest around. Just stepping through the front door and seeing the rows and rows of bedding, dining and genuine leather furniture stretching in front of you is enough to stop you wondering why people often come in for only one thing but end up leaving with so much more. I was only inside for a couple of minutes – and not even supposed to be shopping – before I started browsing myself. It’s impossible not to!

More than just the selection however, it’s also the price that draws customers in. You will truly struggle to find pricing better than Top Choice Electronics has to offer. This is in part, thanks to their mentality as a small business. For them, the important thing is to make a genuine connection with their customers, going above and beyond to make sure that you leave their store having exactly what you needed, and not breaking the bank to do so. The Top Choice team understands that when you come in looking for a necessity such as a fridge, oven or washer, it is likely to be something you need to replace as soon as possible. You don’t want to shop around and they don’t want to make you, which is part of the reason that they are always offering great, new packages for their appliances, making decisions easy for you the first time around and then you can get back to your daily lives. 

Of course, as we mentioned right off the top, it’s not just about the appliances or electronics that they sell. In fact, the majority of their sales floor, which is set up to allow their customers to walk through and really see the products for themselves – rather than having to rely on a picture on a box in a warehouse – is taken up by the furniture that they have to offer. Be it cabinetry, bedding, fireplaces, coffee tables or dining sets, Top Choice Electronics really has taken the “One Stop Shop” to the next level. 

Two products in particular, as far as furniture goes, stood out. The first, a fairly new addition to their product line, is the custom Canadian furniture, which can add both comfort and style to any room. It’s a must buy for anyone looking to spruce up their living and rec rooms. The second product is their Canadian decor, which allows for the customer to not only support Canadian business but also to ensure they get a piece that is exactly what they are looking for, making it an excellent buy for everyone.

While we strongly recommend you stop into the store for a visit to see the complete product line for yourself, you can always check out their product online at Whether it’s online or in-store, you really don’t have any more excuses; it’s time to head to Top Choice Electronics and turn your home back into the place you love again!

Written by: Jillian Kent  |  Photography: Paul Spears

Author: LivingSpaces

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