Setting the Stage: Keeping Your Home Fresh with A Touch of Class by Mags

Our homes are an extension of ourselves. In every design choice that we make, we show who we are, as people and as family. Like ourselves though, our homes cannot stay the same forever. As people we grow and change and our homes need to grow with us. Whether it’s a matter of upsizing, downsizing, or simply adapting to new styles and growing tastes, A Touch of Class by Mags has you covered for just about anything that you and your home need. The store, found at 83 Broadway in Orangeville, is filled with creative handmade touches that will add new personality to any space, giving the store itself an elegant rustic urban feel. In addition, using their interior and exterior painting service or professional staging business will give your home a fresh new look that it’s been craving, allowing for a fresh coat of paint or new look to brighten the space.

The daughter of a life long painter and with a grandmother who worked in the wallpaper business, A Touch of Class by Mags owner, Margaret, says that she’s always had design in her blood. Growing up, she can remember her nana, mother and aunt playing around with homes, constantly changing wallpaper and décor; even before she made A Touch of Class by Mags official, Margaret would find herself painting the interiors or exteriors of the homes of friends and creating unique home décor pieces, such as barn board mirrors, to be sold online. There was always a passion for design inside her, and she just loves being creative. Moving forward with her business, making a genuine name for herself and even achieving her CSP Designation as a certified staging professional – something that Margaret did about five years ago now – seemed like the natural next step in her pursuit of those things she loved most.

So, why invest in staging? If you’re finding yourself wondering if perhaps staging might be more work – and money – than the profit, or result is worth, you would not be alone. Unfortunately, throughout her time in the business, this is an opinion that Margaret has faced from many of her clients. Fortunately, it is also an opinion that she has changed time and time again, after they have seen the remarkable work that she can provide. Staging is, after all, critical to the overall look of your home. When done right, it creates a flow to the room, draws attention to the right spots, and keeps one’s gaze away from corners that you don’t wish to focus on.

For most people, when they hear of staging, they tend to think of prepping a house for sale – which is definitely a service that Margaret provides. These days, she can be called by a realtor, often contacting her on a referral alone, looking to stage a house, generally it is a last-minute call. But, when houses she has staged have sold within a week, can anyone really blame them for turning to her?  For those, however, who are not ready to leave their home, but are still looking for a change in their space, A Touch of Class by Mags can still help. Just give Margaret a couple of hours to play around with the main floor of your home, and she will give you the transformation you need with new wall colours and design suggestions that you have been looking for!

If it’s not so much the staging, but the home décor, or even refurbishing older pieces to give them life once more that you’re looking for – Mags has your back yet again. If you have something you’d like refurbished, you can bring it to the store, or if you prefer, Margaret can come to you to give it an update.  

Once a month, Margaret refurbishes a piece for Habitat for Humanity, which is then put up for auction, allowing the organization to raise money. What Margaret really loves is being able to use her talents in order to give back to the community. This can also be seen by the regular raffles that she puts on through her store. Whether it is a barn board mirror, or furniture décor, they’re always pieces which clients love and brings brightness to their space.

In the end, I think we can all agree that it truly is more than just a saying; “your home is an extension of yourself” and when it comes time to give it a change, you want to make sure you’re handing it over to people who you can genuinely trust. You want to find someone like Margaret, who will get as much joy out of painting, designing or staging your home as you get out of living in it. So, next time you feel the growing pains set in, and you’re looking for a change, you know just who to turn to to add that touch of class your home deserves.

Written by: Jillian Kent  |  Photography: Cory Bruyea

Author: LivingSpaces

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