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That feeling. That feeling you get when you walk into a complete stranger’s home and instantly know you’re somewhere special. Well, this home is just that kind of home. A home where you can feel the love, the family connection, and the comfort that happy memories provide, memories that this home holds so dear.

For most homeowners, your home tends to change over the years based on the needs of the current family dynamic. Considering this bathroom renovation, it comes at a time when different generations have both moved out, and moved in. The resulting transformation encompasses 2 beautiful spaces, delivered by Paula Coffey and her amazing team at “The Plumber’s Wife” in Arthur, ON.

“When I spoke with Paula the first time regarding what I wanted for this renovation, I knew instantly that I could work well with both her and her team”, explains our homeowner. “I was lucky enough to know what I wanted, sort of, and Paula was essential in helping me achieve all my wants and needs, and was even able to do so quite effectively over the phone.” Our homeowner began creating this renovation while she was out of province, and while she did return home for the last few days while the renovation was being completed, she and Paula spent countless hours on the phone, covering off all of the details. The result, as you can see from the accompanying photos is stunning, and as well, a real friendship developed between these two lovely ladies.

The pictures of this bathroom renovation tell the story far better than I can, however, there are once again some details that only Paula and her team can create, those special touches that The Plumber’s Wife team bring to life for so many of their clients.

Our homeowner had decided it was time for the master bedroom bathroom, which was originally only a “half bath”, to become a bathroom lovers dream, and The Plumber’s Wife nailed it! Paula and her team along with the expertise of the contractor made the very clever decision to use some of the space from the main floor bathroom (which had been one of the two “full bathrooms” in the home) and recreate that space into a smaller powder room. Paula then suggested that they utilize the remainder of what was that full bathroom space, as well as the current closet space in the master bedroom, to create our home owners “full master bath” vision.

What was that? Take away the master bedroom closets? Yes indeed, as our homeowner fortunately had the space to have gorgeous built-in closets created on the opposite side of the master bedroom where the previous closet space once stood. As you can see from the photos, the new built-ins are not only quite generous in size, but quite beautiful as well.

Now to the bathroom itself, let’s begin with that feature wall. Breathtaking! Our home owner explains, “Paula and her team suggested we do large marble tiles in the same colour scheme, however I knew I wanted to have a look which would be seamless, so with the help of my contractor we sourced this marble like finish. I also didn’t want anything ‘traditional’ in the space, including the colour schemes, so Paula and her team were given a real challenge.”

This gorgeous bathroom also provides our homeowners with an opportunity to relax and have a little “down time” throughout their busy days. The large soaker tub has been outfitted with stunning brushed copper accessories from Paula’s retail space, and provides for every comfort one would need to spend a long, leisurely soak with plenty of space for your book, a cup of tea, candles, and of course for these homeowners, the TV remote control.

“What I really wanted for this bathroom was to be less of a “utility” space, and more of a “living space”, which is why I asked Paula for some ideas to have a television placed within the sight-lines of the bathtub, which wouldn’t infringe however on the total design. The mirrored cabinet on sliders accomplishes both, works perfectly, and looks just beautiful in the space.”

So now, on those rainy Sunday afternoons when they can’t be outside enjoying the sunshine and watching the PGA tour in their outdoor entertaining area, the tournament can now be enjoyed whilst having a pleasant, relaxing bath, or from the open air rain shower complete with fold-away seating.

This bathroom is not only fit for a little “spa-like” indulgence, for beyond its stunning beauty is some very important functionality within the space. “When my mother comes to visit us this new bathroom provides for all the accessibility and comfort requirements that she needs. It’s wonderful that she can manage on her own and maintain not only her independence, but it affords her the privacy that she needs as well.” It’s very apparent that family is a top priority for our homeowner, and it shows throughout every inch of this lovely home.

The new powder room has also been decorated from the large selection of gorgeous accessories available from Paula’s retail showroom. Fantastic choices were made including some soft and beautiful decor that doesn’t overwhelm this new, yet smaller space.

“Paula was incredible throughout this whole process”, says our homeowner. “She gave us two incredible spaces that match the existing footprint and style of the home, without compromising a single thing. We absolutely love the end result.”

Space, beauty, and comfort.

Paula Coffey and her team at The Plumber’s Wife never disappoint.

It’s as if they score “a hole in one” every time!


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