Learning to Love Your Home

If you’re anything like me, then you have spent a lot of time flipping through the glossy pages of high-end magazines, gazing at the beautifully decorated homes, dreaming about the day that you’ll be able to achieve something similar, but fearing that it is something that will never be possible. It’s far from an uncommon misconception, the belief that you need deep pockets to create the designer looks you see in perfectly put together homes – and perhaps, if you don’t know where to look, this is something that might be true. There are many high-end boutiques with stunning pieces… and equally high-end and “stunning” (read: shocking) price tags. It’s understandable, really, if this is where you’ve been looking, that you have been given this misconception, but I’m here to tell you to stop your home envy.

All you need is to “Love Your Home”, quite literally.

Located on Brock Rd. South in Aberfoyle, about 15 minutes from the south end of Guelph and a stone’s throw from the 401, Love Your Home’s unique building might not attract your attention initially from the street, as it blends in fairly easily with the other homes and shops on the road, but what’s inside is a treasure trove of furniture and interior design products created and priced so that the average person can pick and choose all the necessary pieces to make sure that they truly do love their home.

From the first moment that you step into their open bright foyer, you are faced with the decision to turn left or right to take either of the double hardwood staircases that lead up to their main floor, or head forward and down to explore what the lower floor has to offer. You are drawn in, intrigued by the unique pieces that are on offer, and feel compelled to follow the lines of the staircases and various rooms, just as you would be in a well laid out and well decorated home.  For Love Your Home truly feels as if someone has taken a furniture or decor store and placed it right inside someone’s home; with fireplaces, and many rooms and nooks to explore, you not only find yourself eager to see what is going to come next, but you begin to get a sense of what a similar layout might look like in your own home – which is part of the goal.

With constant shipments of new items coming in, and more going out with customers, the staff at Love Your Home is always moving their product around, to keep things interesting and help keep the inspiration flowing. Their aim, whether it’s moving the bigger furniture pieces or the smaller accents, is to create a display that customers would truly want to emulate, often with people buying whole bedroom and living sets, or taking home tables with everything sitting on top.

While Love Your Home strives to find unique product to offer to their customers, knowing that many of them drive from the bigger cities and wanting to make it worth their drive, they also value the idea of the traditional. They understand that many modern designs might look amazing through the lens of a camera or on a page of a magazine, but they just aren’t practical for daily life with children, pets and anything else that might be thrown at them. Love Your Home aims to exist in that middle ground, providing you with practical, comfortable and useful furniture having unique, creative finishing touches to make it pop and become personal to you. After all, buying one good traditional investment piece to have in your home – be it a sofa, a table or something more – can serve you for years, allowing you to create so many different looks around it, all by changing those accents and décor.

If you happen to have a room, perhaps filled with those investment pieces that you don’t want to change, but aren’t quite sure what direction you want to go with it, bring in a photo! Love Your Home thrives upon helping people find those little pieces that they didn’t know they needed, and with a little bit of reference, they can help you find the perfect piece within their store that will complete that room for you. With their determination to keep product in stock, in their warehouse if not on the sales floor, they will also do what they can to make sure that you are walking home with your product within no more than a day or two, instead of waiting weeks for shipping.

So, next time that you’re looking at those images, or browsing those high-end boutiques feeling furniture envy, just take a deep breath and remember this simple mantra:  Just Love Your Home and everything will be alright.


Author: LivingSpaces

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