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You do not have to be a real estate genius to understand the benefits of having new windows installed in your home. They add instant value to the house’s resale value, immediately improve its aesthetics and are constructed to retain heat in the winter and coolness in the summer; thus lowering the hydro bill.

A potential drawback would be that the homeowner may not have the financial resources to manage such a project. A provincial rebate program is in place that could alleviate that problem.

Through the Ontario GreenON program, homeowners who upgrade to select, energy-saving windows may get a rebate of $500 per window. This applies for up to ten windows, for a total possible rebate of $5,000.

Installations need to be carried out by a contractor certified to participate in the program. A GreenON licensed installer in our area is Cedarport Window and Door Centre; a 33-year-old business with offices in Orangeville and Thornbury.

“For those who have been thinking about replacing their windows, this is a great opportunity,” says Dave Patterson, who co-owns Cedarport with Diane Scott.

Triple-paned, high-performance windows are specifically designed to reduce energy loss and condensation, as well as outdoor noise. Heating and cooling costs are thereby reduced. That, plus the nicer look, inevitably raises a home’s resale value.

According to the province’s website, the $500 per window rebate applies to each rough opening. Window frames, as well as the glass, must be replaced. In other words, a “brick-to-brick” installation needs to occur.

As far as Dave is concerned, a complete replacement only makes sense. “The costs of repairing a window are creeping up to the point where they cost nearly as much as a new installation,” he points out.

Bay or bow windows with more than one glass unit or other windows with pillars (whether load bearing or not) qualify as one rough opening. Windows must be on the “Energy Star” Most Efficient models list, which recognizes high-performance products with a U-factor at or below 1.4 W/m2•K or 0.25 Btu/h•ft.2•°F.

In addition, windows must be certified as efficient in Climate Zone 3, the harshest conditions on the federal Natural Resources climate zone map. (Southern Ontario is regarded to be a more temperate Climate Zone 2.) Installations must replace an existing window. Windows that replace doors are not eligible. Finally, windows must be purchased from, and installed by a contractor officially participating in the program.


As stated before, the client can receive $500 per eligible window, up to a maximum of ten windows. The installed cost of each window (materials and labor) must exceed $500 to receive a rebate.

Cedarport’s viability as a window installer can be verified in a number of ways; not the least of which is its longevity. Not only has the company been in business for over three decades, its team includes expert installers who have been with Cedarport from the outset, or nearly as long.

“We have repeat customers for whom we replaced windows in the 1980s,” says Dave. “Some of them have asked if the same installer is available and are definitely happy to hear he still is with the company.” Long-term employees and a low staff turnover rate is a positive statement for any business.

A company with an established history also indicates that its warranties and work guarantees are solid. An in-house service department at Cedarport serves as a valuable after-market item and will follow up on all initial installations.

“We guarantee our workmanship indefinitely,” says Dave.

As every homeowner knows, upgrades, repairs and some renovations go with the territory. With the GreenON rebate program and its participating contractors, now is the time to think about your windows.

Written By: Dan Pelton

Author: LivingSpaces

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