It’s All About Seeing is Believing

Written By: Larry Simpson | Photography: Paul Spears

After spending a couple of minutes talking with Dave Patterson of Orangeville’s Cedarport Window & Door Centre, you realize that he is a person that genuinely exudes a passion for his job. Dave is second generation owner of the store that has become a staple in the Mono Plaza, a business that his father started in 1985, which is a story in itself he says. “We were in the construction business originally, building log homes and we were actually buying quite a few windows for these homes. One day, the window sales ‘rep’ came to us and offered an opportunity to become a dealer for them, to the point that eventually the windows and doors business grew and we dropped the log homes altogether”.

Obviously, it was a good decision as Cedarport eventually branched out from the Mono location, adding a second one in 1997 in Thornbury, Ontario, which also serves as the company’s head office now. Dave’s partner in Cedarport, Diane Scott is responsible for running the Thornbury Showroom and warehouse.

So, two locations, but different demographics?

Says Dave, “I think that one of the biggest disparities between the Thornbury buyer and the Mono one, is that we are not dealing with primary residences there, rather it’s ski country. We have worked on a lot of ski chalets up to now and we are finding that many of our customers, although they are still working, have plans to eventually move ‘north’ when they retire. So now, we are either replacing the windows in their chalets, or supplying contracts for new home construction for their future. However, for either of our stores though, I believe that it is safe to say that the person buying is often over 35 years old, and is looking for quality, service and selection. We also supply other more economical doors and windows since that market remains very important to us, and Cedarport often receives referrals from previous customers and building contractors who are very satisfied with our work.”

For the Mono store Dave says the primary market remains Caledon, and Mono and then north to Creemore. They recently introduced a new Showroom in the Mono location and say that you can see the sales momentum ‘ramping up’. “The plaza traffic here has picked up as has the word-of-mouth referrals since we opened our new Entrance Ways Showroom a month ago. It is more of a ‘seeing is believing’ scenario now, as there is quite a bit happening with new offerings with Entrance Ways, and we realized that we had to find a way to display them properly, so buyers can visualize the product better. With our variety of selections now being displayed, and a 10-minute explanation, people seem to be more engaged and clearer as to what they have bought, when they leave here.”

Cedarport currently carries a wide selection of steel and fiberglass insulated doors and some wood Entrance Ways as well. Dave says that until recently, steel has been the most popular, but now they are also selling fiberglass, as it gives a more wood-like look which is highly acceptable to people living in a rural setting in chalets or country homes. “But,” he adds, “in town and urban areas, steel still sells.  We are also finding now that people may come into the store looking for wood, but when they see the fiberglass, they often prefer to go with it. Fiberglass doesn’t take in moisture and will not warp like wood may and if your house is too dry, the wood could eventually crack. However, wood does come with the advantage of providing greater design flexibility though.”

Talking windows now, Cedarport sells both vinyl and aluminum clad wood ones and both are popular with customers. “Many of our competitors only sell vinyl,” he says, “but people like the wood because of the look and the fact that they are still perceived to be a premium product, but it is not too often sold without aluminum clad on the outside for protection. Windows are primarily still the largest part of our business, but with the addition of the new Door Showroom here, it has now opened up more opportunities to sell more doors. People want to be able to see the product and even touch it, and the new Door Showroom here allows for this.”

Finally, what can we expect from Dave Patterson and Cedarport Window & Door Centre in the future, perhaps some new products?

“Yes, as new home construction is heading towards a more modern looking design, and by having this expansive Showroom here, it now allows us to keep up with the future trends. Styles continue to evolve, and so will our showroom, and we now have the space to display windows and doors, that reflect traditional, transitional and modern styles.”

Visit Cedarport Window & Door Centre located inside the Mono Plaza, on Hwy. 10, 3 kilometers north of Orangeville. For more information go to or call 519-941-7208 or 800-668-2087.

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