Good Things Come in Small Packages!

Making Your Small Bathroom Renovation a BIG Success!

With real estate costs on the rise, and mortgage rules becoming more stringent, many people are having to purchase smaller, older homes or to simply stay where they are and renovate. As a result, quality contractors are busy, and bathroom renovations are particularly in demand. Older homes tend to have less functional bathrooms and are often limited by the original design of the home. Many first-time buyers are only able to afford town homes or condominiums which have limited square footage and not much space to work with.

Getting the most for your money, especially in small spaces can be challenging but not impossible. The Plumber’s Wife in Arthur are experts in bathroom design and renovation, and they specialize in helping their clients to make their dream bathroom happen – regardless of the dimensions! “There are many ways to maximize your existing space, and lots of new and modern trends that can help to turn even the smallest bathroom into a functional, spa-like retreat” says in-house designer Emily Andrews. “Clients no longer have to be restricted by lack of space, and new products that are beautiful as well as functional allow us to be more innovative in our design concepts”.

How can you make the most of your small space? Emily gives us some useful tips to consider when planning a bathroom renovation with limited space.


Perhaps the single biggest trend in bathrooms are wall mounted fixtures. Floating vanities are modern and contemporary in design and come in all shapes and sizes. Many of them feature deep drawer storage that allow personal items to be hidden away without large, bulky cabinetry. They create the illusion of a larger space by lifting the eye away from the floor, they are easy to clean underneath and they do not get chipped or banged by vacuums and mops.   They also give people the ability to stand closer to the mirror for shaving or makeup application, and the added bonus is- no more stubbed toes!

If your taste is more modern/industrial, floating vanities give you the opportunity to showcase plumbing and other building features that traditional cabinetry would not allow for.  Modern and sleek models often showcase high gloss cabinet fronts with hidden hardware and are available to suit any taste or budget. If you prefer more traditional design, there are many wood options with elaborate or ornate designs that would fit the bill.

They are also a great option for the new “wet room” style bathrooms as there is no cabinetry touching the floor to get wet.

Wall Mounted Toilets are the new go-to for smaller spaces. Only the bowl and actuator plate are exposed, and, as a result the bowl only extends 21’ into the room. This is a huge space saver for smaller bathrooms!  They are also easy to clean, and they are height adjustable to the specifications of the homeowner.

Both wall mounted vanities and toilets should be installed by a                  professional plumber to ensure proper mounting that will support the weight of the unit and work with your plumbing.


Smaller bathrooms often mean that homeowners have a bigger budget for floor and wall tiles, allowing them to put their own personal stamp on their design without entirely blowing their budget. Since this is often one of the most expensive parts of a bathroom renovation, having less space to tile means you can go high end and splurge a little. With so many different options available it may be hard to choose! Add some luxury by choosing a marble or travertine accent tile or shower wall, choose a unique pattern or colour that reflects your personality, or tile the walls to make your bathroom a stunning modern space that is also super easy to clean! Surprisingly, patterned tiles can add character to your small bathroom, and they can actually make it look larger by creating a focal point adding some dimension. Some current trends in tile include wood look tiles, farmhouse or vintage looks, geometric and patterned tile, mosaic, and black and white for a retro look. Neutrals and whites are also on point and never go out of style.


In small spaces, consider using mirrors to add dimension and make the room look larger. Designer Emily Andrews from The Plumber’s Wife recommends using the largest mirror that fits your space without going overboard.  Full mirrored walls are no longer a thing of the past and can make a glamourous statement, particularly in retro -themed bathrooms.  There are so many designs available, and anything and everything goes – from repurposed antique dresser mirrors, to porthole mirrors, to the simple clean lines of a medicine cabinet mirror with a modern twist.  A professional designer is a great option to get some advice as to what will work in your own space, and the Plumber’s Wife in Arthur has a broad range of inventory and lots of professionals who are ready and willing to offer help and advice.


Open storage is the best way to create additional space for towels, accessories toilet paper etc. without closing off the room. Shallow shelving, small cubbies, recessed niches and other open concept built-ins can serve a purpose without sacrificing space!


Adding a glass shower door to your small space can not only show off your beautiful new tiles, it can also completely open up the room. A step-in shower is practical, modern, stunning and durable. It adds value to your home and stands the test of time. A glass half wall or panel looks amazing in the new “wet room” style bathroom and with no door to open and step around, it will work in almost any space.

Other honorable mentions include pocket or barn doors. Doors usually need a wide berth to be able to swing all the way open, making it necessary to leave space empty around it, that could be utilized for things like vanity or linen cabinet. With barn doors, as long as there is enough wall space to allow for the capability of sliding open and shut, there’s no cause for concern about having less floor space.

Keeping all of this in mind, it is safe to say that luxurious bathrooms are no longer limited by space deficits.  With a little advance planning and some expert advice, you can turn even the tiniest WC into an envy-worthy bathroom space.

The Plumbers Wife provides complete bathroom design services, knowledgeable sales staff, working shower features and a beautiful showroom. They are located at 238 George St. in Arthur, ON. They also offer unique e-design services to help with your DIY project. This service is available on their website at

Written By: Tanya Bottomley | Photography: Rachel Clark Photography

Author: LivingSpaces

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