From Damaged to Jaw Dropping

The beauty of a home built from bricks is easy to achieve, but only if the materials used are strong, ultimately limiting future problems.

This 40-year-old house in the charming township of Amaranth was initially exposed red brick, but then deterioration problems set in. In charge of the restoration was Martin Porteous, president of The Outside Guy Inc, in Orangeville. They are a go-to company for all your outside projects, but their services go beyond that, they do interior work as well.

“We don’t just do anything … we do everything.”

The brick was becoming detrimental to the interior structure of the house and it was breaking away. “The brick had been reclaimed from a previous dwelling and was in poor condition when the house was built”, Porteous said. “It was deteriorating even before the house was built.”

The homeowners took the necessary action which resulted in a home that was unrecognizable in all the best ways.

Originally, the idea was to re-brick the house, but with some extra thinking, the “Outside Guy Inc.” thought of a better option, using board and batten. “I had an idea for the customer to cover the house in wood. It totally changed the style of the house from brick and contemporary to a cottage style wood-sided house,” Porteous said. This also reduced the price by fifty percent.

Another benefit of using board and batten is that it requires little to no maintenance and includes a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The hands-on process began by strapping the entire house with two-by-two spruce boards on the current brick. It was then protected by a grey prefinished pine wood and although there are about 14 other pre-finished colours to choose from, the grey added a twenty-first-century flair to the house.

Paying attention to detail was also important for this job. Every time a piece of wood was cut, it was also painted. Plastic caps were used on the hammers so the special colour coated nails that were used wouldn’t get chipped or damaged. This was an important detail because it will stop any chance of rusty nails in the future. What more could you want? Everything was planned perfectly, but the discovery of a hornet’s nest was definitely not part of the job description. This didn’t stop the team from continuing with their many tasks.

The windows received some attention too. By adding a black aluminum trim to them it tied everything together and added a modern touch. This also kept the hornets out of the house!

Not only was it a priority to beautify the exposed walls, but also the chimney, which was in poor condition. The procedure was almost exactly the same as in the siding of the house, but there was one major difference in materials used. After the two-by-twos were strapped they were coated in Pink Shield, fireproof paint. Instead of using the same wood as the sides of the house, they used an identical coloured metal roofing that matched.

With care, a chimney cap was also installed around the flue. In addition, a new shingled roof was installed.

Back on the ground, there were more installations. The lower part of the walls by the garage received a facelift.  The exposure of brick came from a time when natural stone columns were added for a dash of colour.

The outside of the house took about six weeks to be complete. It took three months from start to finish and included indoor projects as well. An entry from the garage to the house was also added for easier accessibility. “The bones of the house might be good, but the outside needs some work,” Porteous said. “Some people put all their money on the inside and forget about the outside.”

“At times, when you start a project of this size, it seems like you’re going to be there forever but then you see it slowly start to come together,” Porteous said, but they have their priorities in order. “Not to rush, take your time and make sure the job is done well.”

The Outside Guy Inc. is a Bryan Baeumler approved company and part of the Home Depot’s Pro Referral program which helps connect homeowners with quality home improvements professionals. You can also take part in the year-round landscaping offered to improve your home.

Now the homeowners can start falling in love with their home all over again.

Written by: Johnny de Kock | Photography: Paul Spears

Author: Living Spaces

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