FEATURE HOME: An Exciting, Uniquely Designed Home

It takes a certain skillset to be able to just look at a piece of property, and quickly determine it’s likely a great investment. For this feature home, Jeff Bell, Owner at Jeff Bell Construction, knew right away he had something special with this home. He knew it would be a challenge, and he also knew he could deliver. The result, in so many incredible and well thought-out details, is absolutely spectacular.

“When I first saw this home, it was evident that one of the biggest challenges would be with the size of the lot, as it wasn’t very large”, explains Jeff. “I needed to design the home so that I could create more living space, but without sacrificing the entire footprint of the lot.”

One of the more important design-based tasks was to create the new layout in a manner that would be unique in style, but not encroach on the existing look and feel of the surrounding homes.

As you can see from these beautiful shots, Jeff has delivered in every aspect.

“Having been in the profession for years, I’ve been lucky enough to have worked alongside some incredible carpenters and craftsmen, my dad certainly being one of them. Having the benefit of both experience and hard work, I knew I wanted to create my own custom home build company, one that would offer an exciting and unique design with each new project we embark on. This home build was actually a great collaboration between my wife Shannon and I, as we both tend to think outside the box in terms of both structure and decor.”

From the photos, you can see that Jeff and Shannon decided on some bold finishes right from the moment you walk through the door. “Most homes these days go with standard finishing on items such as flooring and tiles, neutrals always being the safe go-to. Shannon and I like to go beyond those standard choices, and as you can see with this home, the flooring changes throughout the renovation. The colour choices are bold, and there are nuanced details throughout the space that might seem small, but have a major impact.”

Have you seen that master bedroom ceiling? Nailed it!

With the updates that took place within the kitchen cabinets as well as cabinetry used within the adjacent island, the beautiful lighting fixtures, the incredible walk-in closet, and all of the other amazing finishes and details throughout this home, Jeff Bell Construction have created an incredible space that remains cozy and warm while forgoing traditional renovation design standards, giving the homeowners a unique and gorgeous home like no other. As Jeff says, “I want all of my home builds to be interesting and different. Beyond the solid structural principles, workmanship, and finishes, it’s also artwork, and with every new design the inspiration changes, and we’re always excited to get started on the next one!”

Well, for Jeff and Shannon, that “next one” is to be located in the beautiful town of Alton, ON, and is planned to be a brand new build on a beautiful lot right in the village.

Interested in taking a drive anyone?


Author: LivingSpaces

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