Designing Your Room – From Concept to Reality

Renovating any room can be a daunting task. We would all like to think that we can DIY like an HGTV Star. However, in all reality it can take an entire team of professionals to pull off some of the extreme renos that appear to happen overnight.  It takes vision, experience, and a lot of planning and preparation to ensure that any design project is completed on time, on budget and to your specifications. Hiring professionals like the design team at The Plumber’s Wife to help your plans come to fruition could mean the difference between a DIY disaster and the room of your dreams.

The Plumber’s Wife is a kitchen and bathroom boutique, specializing in design and whole home decorating since 2008.  Owner Paula often gets asked how they got their name: The Plumber’s Wife. “It’s so hard coming up with a business name. Everything I came up with just did not feel perfect. One day I was on the phone with somebody who couldn’t quite hear who I was and I replied “It’s The Plumber’s Wife!” and that just clicked! It was exactly what I was after. When Paula and Len decided to open a storefront, they knew The Plumber’s Wife would be the perfect fit. Located in Arthur, Ontario, they proudly offer interior design services and packages regardless of your location or budget.

Emily Andrews, Designer at the Plumber’s Wife has been designing and planning rooms for her clients since 2013. “Planning a renovation or redesign of existing space is a very methodical process. If you just start choosing random pieces and colours without any concept of what you hope to achieve, the overall look of your design will not be cohesive, and you will likely not end up with the look you had hoped for. Before making any big decisions, you really need to decide upon the general mood and aesthetic that you hope to achieve, and then start integrating pieces that inspire you”.

Creating concept boards that reflect what you would like your design to look like can help to ensure that everything you do is geared towards realizing your vision. Identifying what you hope to achieve is key to this process. For instance, if your room is dark and cramped, your concept boards will likely include a design that opens up your space and makes it feel light and airy. Or perhaps you have a modern, functional space that needs some warmth or texture to make it feel like home. Whatever the case, there are a plethora of websites and apps that can get you started. Once you have decided on your overall look and chosen some photos to use as inspiration, seek the help of an experienced designer to help you to take your inspiration and turn it into a concept board/design proposal.

The Plumber’s Wife offers in-store free bathroom layout consultation and their experienced team can help you to bring your dream of a traditional farmhouse bathroom or a modern rustic kitchen to life. They offer one-stop shopping including a step by step design consultation process, as well as a large selection of products and a beautiful design center that will help to make your renovation dreams come true. They offer a complete design process and frequent communication every step of the way to ensure that each client receives a design plan/concept tailored to their individual taste.


Bring lots of photos of spaces that inspire you, along with measurements of your bathroom, including window location and height, door location, ceiling height and floor plan dimensions. Photos can help your designer to understand the look and feel you are hoping to achieve. It is often difficult to describe exactly what you would like your room to look like, and images can really help! Pinterest and Houzz are amazing resources for finding images, and they can be a valuable reference tool for your designer as they help you to plan out your space! At that time, your designer will also review what materials are required for the space. For instance, selection of fixtures for bathroom renovations may be made at this time, and bedding, accessories etc. may be considered. Sometimes your room may simply require a refresh, where new accessories or change of textiles can change your look, and sometimes it is a complete redo!


Concept Boards are a full visual representation of what your space could look like. They are a great way to see everything come together, and act as the starting point of the creative process. Your dedicated designer will source ALL of the items needed to bring your project to fruition, and at this point, will show you everything you need to create a beautiful, functioning space for your family. An estimate for your project will also be provided at this time.


After presenting the concept boards, the designer will consult with you to see if the look they have created is what you had hoped for. Any revisions or adjustments can be made at this time. Designer Emily likes to show her clients the Farmhouse Rustic/Chic concept board, since it shows how you can take a popular home décor style and make it more on the rustic side, or turn up the chic for a more modern look while still keeping the “farmhouse” feel. “It is a very flexible theme that can easily be custom tailored to each client’s individual taste”, says Emily. Falling somewhere in between modern minimalism and classic country, this look can easily be adjusted to appeal to a broad range of style preference.


Once you have discussed your concept board and made any changes to your project, final plans will be made to begin pulling your project together!

Whether it is a major renovation, or just a simple refresh, the expert team at The Plumber’s Wife will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you LOVE the final result! Their retail shop and design centre are fully open with special safety protocols in place to reflect recommendations by public health authorities.

To book an appointment with the talented team of designers at The Plumber’s Wife, email or call (226) 443-4300. They are open 6 days a week and would love to assist you with your design project – no matter how big or small!

Written by: Tanya Bottomley

Author: LivingSpaces

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