Creating a Beautiful Home Spa Space

Having a space to call your own is becoming essential in our ever-growing quest for self-preservation, self-thought, and the need to simply have a private space to relax and recharge.

Usually once a year, I’ll treat myself to a day at the spa for a little self-care, and to be able to “shut out the noise”. It remains an annual luxury because for me it’s a personal indulgence, and not an investment I can enjoy on a more frequent basis.

But what if you had a space just a few steps away that could provide you with all of those indulgent spa comforts, while providing return on your investment in one of your greatest assets, your very own home?

Once again, we are proud to bring you another incredibly talented collaboration between Paula Coffey and her team from The Plumber’s Wife, Cover-Ups Carpet & Flooring, and Lloyd Scott Enterprises. With a huge focus on local talent and locally sourced, this is going to be good!

When Paula sent the photos of this marvelous bathroom renovation, I was immediately stunned, and admittedly, quite jealous! What an incredibly beautiful space, and it really comes as no surprise considering the talented group collaborating on this project.

“The home owner wanted to renovate her bathroom”, begins Paula. “The existing space was nice as is, however she wanted to create that feeling of spa-like serenity and have a personal place to escape.”

I can hear the old commercial now… “Calgon, take me away!”

“The space itself was not huge, so we decided to steal some floor area from an adjoining linen closet to ensure all of the client’s wants and needs were met. The client wanted a soaker tub separate from the shower, and for the shower itself to be a walk-in space with plenty of room.”

Let’s begin there shall we? That tub! So elegant, and absolutely perfect in this space. This is where Paula and her team had to work from the given measurements, and see where they could “eke out” some additional space without taking away from the other designated areas. As we discuss the fixtures, Paula begins to laugh “This bathroom renovation became just as striking as the tub faucet itself, ironically a model called ‘Stryke’ by Delta”. Combining an elegantly shaped tub with this stunning fixture set (the hand-held accessory is both beautiful and functional, as the home owner can use it as she cleans and rinses the tub), this soaker tub is about as spa-like as it gets.

The homeowner wanted a walk-in shower that had plenty of space, and once again, combined that space with functionality. Emily, designer at The Plumbers Wife took the lead on this portion of the project. “The walk-in shower was fun for us to do”, explains Emily. “At the beginning of the project we weren’t sure if we were going to run the exterior shower wall right up to the ceiling, however at the end of the day we decided to leave some open space. This allows more light in to the shower area, and provides for an ‘open air’ feeling without intruding on the overall layout. The wall also houses a beautiful horizontal shampoo niche with accent tile adding to functionality without sacrificing the overall footprint. The shower incorporates a doorless design, which not only improves accessibility, but also is one less thing for the homeowner to clean, and again provides a true sense of increased space and light.

One of the extremely cool innovations of the walk-in shower is the temperature control element at the entrance of the shower. The homeowner can adjust the temperature of the water; get it to the perfect setting before stepping in, all without that cold water shock. This incredible little miracle valve ensures the temperature will always be “just right” and the placement in the shower allows for easy on/off access.

For the finishing touch, the shower is equipped with a Grohe “Rain Shower” main shower head. This is a 10” diameter shower head with a dial to switch between 3 different functions. A Kohler handshower called ‘Flip Side accents the shower head and provides an alternative showering experience with 4 different spray functions. The shower has a diverter by the handheld and rain shower so you can switch back and forth to which showerhead you prefer to use, or set it to use both at the same time.

In addition to the multiple shower functions, Emily suggested the addition of a grab bar as well as a tiled seat, which has a convenient second showerhead bracket for the hand-shower attached beside it, for ease of use when the homeowner wants to bathe while seated.

The homeowner wanted a clean and sleek look in the shower and this called for a long rectangular trough style drain at the end of the shower. It really compliments the minimalism of the walk in shower design, providing major functionality and is high on style.

The tile and flooring choices for this project were selected from Cover-Ups Carpet & Flooring in Arthur, ON. The tile chosen for both the shower floor and shower niche is a natural marble, with the shower walls finished in a rich porcelain. The flooring installed in the rest of the bathroom is heated, porcelain tile from the Centura “King Wood” series, an incredibly beautiful hard-wearing product, providing a common focus throughout the space, one that pulls it all together.

Now for the vanity. Striking, stunning, gorgeous, and in a final defining word, perfect. The cabinetry was created and installed by the very talented team from Lloyd Scott Enterprises. For the design portion, Designer Emily discussed the vanity layout with the homeowner, and suggested the inclusion of a pantry-style linen cabinet on top of the vanity, as well as a custom mirror fitted for the space. This custom mirror sits closer to the edge of the countertop and allows the homeowner the flexibility to apply makeup and style her hair without leaning over as far, this was a crucial part of the design as the space did not quite allow for a sit-down vanity section. The vanity and linen pantry are constructed of natural walnut, utilizing a “waterfall grain matching” technique. This technical style takes a skilled craftsman to master the joinery required; the front, top, and side sections of the vanity are grain matched, and connected by seamless miter joints that give the look and feel of one solid piece. The countertop, constructed of solid quartz, provides the perfect finish.

While I’m never surprised, I remain always amazed at how talented the team from The Plumbers Wife, located in Arthur, ON, constantly prove themselves to be. Their ability to design and create beautiful projects never disappoints. And when partnered with Cover-Ups Carpet & Flooring and Lloyd Scott Enterprises, amazing spaces like this private home spa are all but guaranteed!



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