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Plumbing… it’s far from a “sexy” topic; in fact, I would wager that most people do what they can to avoid talking about it at all. Not that it is difficult, considering “plumbing” hardly comes up often in general conversation. Unfortunately, the one thing that is universal about plumbing is that we can easily ignore it … right up until that moment when we can’t. When our plumbing and venting starts going wrong, we suddenly find that our lives become very difficult and because we don’t spend a lot of time thinking about plumbing, most of us likely don’t know what we’re going to do about it.

This is when the expertise of a company such as The Plumbing Expert, serving Orangeville, Dufferin County and beyond for over ten years, becomes so essential. When a problem occurs with your plumbing or venting you don’t want to have to guess at the answers – you want to be able to call someone who will solve the problem fast. While non-essential repairs and new installs may take a little more time to ensure that they get it right, The Plumbing Expert is generally available to handle emergency repairs – such as those that occur with hot water heaters and furnaces – within a day or so.

While The Plumbing Expert is capable of handling everything when it comes to plumbing, drains, heating, air conditioning, and water and back flow prevention, we wanted to start off with new installations. After all, while there might be nothing that anyone can do about the usual wear and tear over time, ensuring that a new system is installed properly from the start will save you a lot of trouble later.

Defined as anything that is no longer existing or never existed before on site, The Plumbing Expert will install anything from water softeners, furnaces, air conditioning or hot water tanks to plumbing work for new sites and on-going renovations.

Whether it’s a new install or a repair, they pride themselves on having experienced technicians who can handle anything. They are licensed and insured, and provide top quality workmanship, every time.

When it comes to a new install, or any job really, the first and most important step is the pre-inspection. This is where the technician will get a chance to see the unit, clarify if a new install as opposed to a repair is truly necessary, and troubleshoot any additional problems that may be caused by the nature of the house and location of the item.

From that point on, it’s simply a matter of providing a quote for customer approval, and scheduling a time to get to work!

Communication is one of the key principles of their work at The Plumbing Expert. They believe that it is important to speak to the customers at every stage, so they fully understand the work that needs to be completed and how they are going to do it. Moreover, they do not consider a job complete until they know that the customer is satisfied with the work. At the end of the day, it’s the customer that matters, after all.

While The Plumbing Expert is equipped to handle just about any problem you throw at them, they recommend keeping ahead of any problems by inspecting your home often for any water stains, loose drain connections, valves, handles and leaks. If you notice anything wrong at all, do not wait for it to become an even bigger problem – give The Plumbing Expert a call as soon as you can. They’ll get someone out as quickly as possible, to keep the damages to your home at a minimum.

After all, many people assume that a backed-up basement is a basement only problem, not realizing that the damage that can be caused by this can actually spread to the entire house. Meaning that you will want to get someone in to deal with it quickly and efficiently.

When it comes to your heating and air conditioning, be sure to have them inspected at the beginning and the end of the season. While The Plumbing Expert will come out as quickly as possible if they need to in emergencies, the last thing you want in the middle of a heat wave or cold snap is to be without cooling or heating!

To get a hold of The Plumbing Expert for any issues at all, you can call them directly at 1-800-659-1879 or email; if you’re more comfortable, you can also submit a request form on their website or Facebook page.

Plumbing isn’t something that’s elegant or fun to talk about – but that’s why you’ve got The Plumbing Expert available; at any sign of trouble, give them a call and you’ll be back to forgetting your plumbing exists in no time.

Written by: Jillian Kent

Author: LivingSpaces

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