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When Caroline Paquet and her husband Gord purchased Cover-Ups Flooring in Arthur just a little over 10 years ago, neither of them knew for certain what direction their new venture would take them. Gord had been a general contractor in the renovation business for many years, and Caroline (a designer by trade) had always wanted to have a storefront of some sort. When they heard that the owners of Cover-Ups were retiring and looking for someone to take over their business it seemed like the perfect fit for them. They kept the name, as they already had an established clientele and solid reputation as the “go to” location in the area for flooring, but they wanted to expand on the product offering and services they would make available to their customers. This became the basis for their future plan for growth.

“We have always prided ourselves on being able to offer a broad range of choices to our customers, and to be able to back it up with professional installation services that are unequalled in the industry” says Caroline. “We carry quality products that our installation team can feel confident working with, knowing that the end result will be a professionally installed product that our clients can enjoy for years to come”. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cover-Ups was installing almost 90-95% of what they sold. However, due to COVID restrictions over the past 14 months, their cash and carry sales have increased substantially, as have their sales in general. ‘We feel extremely fortunate to have had the support of our community, and we are thankful that so many people are making a concerted effort to purchase from local small businesses instead of larger corporate locations. The way we do business has evolved because we do not have the in-store interaction we normally would. Instead, we spend a lot of time communicating via phone with clients discussing the details of their projects, going back and forth via email, preparing samples for curbside pickup, and making on the spot adjustments where we can”.

Home renovation products and services have enjoyed exponential growth during this pandemic. People are working from home, have more time and disposable income, and have been unable to enjoy travel and entertainment in the way they normally would. The requirement for remote work environments has forced us to view the way we use our homes differently, resulting in a surge in demand for products and general contractors who can do the work. “People are more aware of styles and market trends these days, and they want their homes to look like the ones they are seeing on HGTV. They are looking for products that can help them achieve these looks and are willing to spend the money to get what they want. We offer many luxury higher end and unique products that might be unexpected in small town rural Ontario”. With her background in design and wealth of knowledge, Caroline and her team are uniquely equipped to help with this process from start to finish.

Always staying one step ahead means growing and changing to better meet the needs of their clients. Cover-Ups is planning to introduce some exciting new product lines into their showroom, to include bathroom vanities, shower bases, tubs and plumbing accessories. “We want to be part of your project from concept and design to installation and completion”, says Caroline. “General Contractors are often booked for months in advance, and by breaking up the job into smaller pieces, it may mean your project can get done sooner! For instance, we can often fit in a bathroom renovation project quickly. We can design and complete your project in a one stop shopping environment that includes professional trade services. We have plumbers, electricians and drywallers on staff and can fulfill all of those needs, sourced in one place”. Their foray into bathrooms comes after a long-time informal partnership with The Plumber’s Wife in Arthur. “We feel that we can continue to be complimentary to each others’ businesses and offer customers a start to finish experience. We want to be the go-to source for everything you need to complete a successful bathroom renovation. We are committed to being at the forefront of our industry by providing products and services that are consistently in line with design trends and market needs”. Caroline shared with me some of these trends that we can expect to see in 2021 and beyond:


1. Wet Rooms/Multifunctional Enclosures

This growing trend seems to be popping up everywhere and offers a stylish and luxurious solution for smaller bathrooms and luxury ensuites alike. Not only are they stunning and inviting, but placing a tub in a glass enclosure means your relaxing soak no longer has to end with the shocking cold of exiting your bathtub!

2. Curbless Shower

Practical and esthetically pleasing, the curbless shower offers sleek, clean lines, better accessibility and easy cleaning. They make your bathroom look more spacious, and also help to keep it dry! These showers are built on a slight slope to encourage water to run towards the drain, and the shower heads are strategically placed to keep the water away from the rest of your bathroom!


3. Statement Tubs

From asymmetrical standalone to black metal, a standalone tub is a great way to incorporate your own personal style and flare into a room that tends to be more functional than fashionable. A tub should compliment the general design without being overpowering, and it should draw inspiration from other design features such as a shower, feature window or vanity.

4. Tiles of Interest

From Intricate Encaustic Patterns to Geometrics, patterned tiles are THE trend in bathroom décor. Modern, eclectic and available in many materials, these interesting floor tile and backsplash options can change the entire look of your space and become a conversation piece.

5. Smart Features & LED Lighting

There are so many different lighting options available it can be difficult to decide! One of the biggest trends in modern bathrooms is the move towards concealed lighting built into mirrors, vanities and niches. Many of these offer smart features such as dim or defog, and some even give you the ability to change the mood of your lighting from cool to warm.


Since 2010, Cover-Ups has been providing flooring solutions to customers in Wellington County and beyond, offering a diverse selection of products and price ranges. They have a comprehensive product offering, which includes hardwood and engineered flooring, laminate and luxury vinyl, broadloom, and a broad selection of specialty products. Tiling is their specialty and they take pride in offering unique products that suit every taste and budget. From porcelain to ceramic, marble to mosaic, Cover-Ups offers a plethora of choices to help you in the creation of the room of your dreams. You can visit their locations in Fergus or Arthur to view their selections, or check out their website at


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