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Kamelyan Your Home Decor originally opened in 1978 in the Orangeville Mall as St. Clair Paint & Wallpaper. In the early nineties though, the St. Clair brand merged with Color Your World and forced a unique name change for the family owned and run home decor company. Christine Eisses, who continues to run Kamelyan, says that the name selection process could also be considered a family affair, in part thanks to her mother. “My mother thought that a good name for the business would be Chameleon”, she says, “and we all agreed but we decided to spell it phonetically and put a playful spin on it. As we all know, Chameleon’s are recognized by their ability to change colour in their environment and this ‘played well’ with our own business motto to help our clients change their colours in their own environment!” You could say that the well-used phrase ‘the rest is history’ has never been more prevalent, as we learn more about Orangeville’s Kamelyan Your Home Decor.

Currently, besides Christine, the company has two in-store staff, an installer and she says that her father still lends a hand when necessary. “We have no commissioned salespeople which I believe is important when you are trying to meet a person’s budget, and for this reason, I am responsible for all of the in-home sales. We have a very eclectic client base because Orangeville is a very eclectic town, especially with the new sub divisions that attract people from the city, and we also continue to work with the older families that have been here forever, plus the various established businesses and churches. I know that certain companies try to go after a particular demographic but we don’t work that way, instead, I prefer the adage of keeping the sun out of your eyes, and make the windows look pretty, which you might say could apply to anyone. She adds too that Kamelyan has always offered a free in-home consultation service, which has tended to work well in establishing a comfortable sales process for everyone.

Kamelyan also offers a wide array of home decor products including some unique offerings like custom bedding and custom upholstery. “When it comes to fabric, we can do just about anything, and this year we will be putting a major push on awnings. “Christine adds that despite the many product offerings, blinds are still their biggest seller and if she had to be specific it’s Roller Blinds that remain the most popular.

Recently Kamelyan worked on a lavish project in the Mono area, one that included a large home with 32 windows with California shutters and took two days to complete. Christine says that the home did offer some challenges, but at the end it was these said concerns that were probably one of the reasons why she was able to secure the job in the first place. She adds, “There were a few rooms where some windows had been replaced by the previous owners and others had not, and a few weren’t the same height, and in turn didn’t line up properly. The challenge for me was to get all of the shutters to look like everything was the same. It took some work, and a lot of measuring to get them as exact as possible, but in the end, I really believe that because I am a very particular person with a strong attention for detail that this certainly helped us gain a customer.”

Obviously, having over 30 years in the business didn’t hurt either!

Moving forward for 2020, Christine says that besides the previously mentioned awnings, the store location will also be carrying more home decor items and recently, Kamelyan secured an arrangement with Orangeville’s Kindmoose Candle Company, a local brother and sister business that should be a great asset to the store’s continual product expansion. As for the awnings, Christine will be carrying Rolltech’s brand, a decision that was made easier since they are a family owned business much like Kamelyan. “They make a fantastic product; they are accessible and are awesome to work with. We will be able to provide both fabric and commercial awnings and I am really excited about this new addition to our expanding product line.”

As Dufferin County’s oldest family-owned and operated decorating store, Christine and the Kamelyan Your Home Decor staff are poised for 2020, to continue to serve you together as a team and with only your best interests at heart. Visit them at 165 Broadway in Orangeville.

For more information go to: or call 519-941-7860

Written By: Larry Simpson

Author: LivingSpaces

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