A Tale of Two Renos: Transforming Your Home Into Your Ideal Space

If you even dabble in home decor, you already know that the right floor will tie your entire room together; which is why instead of telling you what you already know, I’m going to get right into telling you why Cover-Ups Tile Carpet & Flooring, located in both Arthur and Fergus, is going to be exactly where you need to go to turn your home into the dream space that you had always been looking for.

Bathroom Reno

Take the word of Gary and Lorna Hutchison who contracted Cover-Ups to redo the bathroom of their Elora home. With the help of The Plumber’s Wife – who had a hand in the design as well as supplying all of the bathroom fixtures – the team at Cover-Ups used their skill as contractors to help transform the Hutchison’s formerly small and inaccessible bathroom into a stunning, chic open space with a free-standing tub and walk-in shower. The new accents, from the incredible sliding barn door that I was more than a little jealous of, to the stunning new shower, vanity and, of course, the floors, all come together to create a warm, soothing feeling – like the touch of a spa right in your own home!

The bathroom floor selected is a matte porcelain tile called Remix that has a very interesting blend of three looks throughout: Limestone, Cement, and Wood. The tile brings warm tones to the space without being too bold and allowing the Hutchisons more flexibility with their décor colour scheme. For the shower, a timeless tile, with a discreet texture reminiscent of Old European plaster walls was selected; both tiles match the smooth neutral colour of the room. Furthering this look, Cover-Ups used a Large Format on the wall and, of course, the mosaic option of the same tile for the shower floor to give the user grip and prevent slipping.

What I hadn’t considered before my conversation with Gord Blyth, Cover-Ups Owner and master tiler, but probably should have, was the precision necessary for installing a true walk-in shower. Without any lip to hold in the water, it becomes necessary to have a slight incline to ensure that the water runs into the shower drain and not out into the bathroom. Gord explained that it takes precision to get a gentle grade that is safe and will still perform and carry the water out to the drain. Both Gary and Lorna emphasized that Cover-Ups is truly there for you at any point of your install, even after it’s supposedly done! They had nothing but praise for their shower, and the entire bathroom; I’m pretty sure that Cover-Ups got it right.

Front Entrance Reno

I am more than happy to say that I was privileged to see not one but two renovations done by the Cover-Ups team. One short trip, necessitated a detour around the out of commission Elora bridge, after which I had the pleasure of speaking to Paul and Karen Dray about the Unique Natural Slate that Cover-Ups installed in their front entrance, during what I was informed was the coldest February in memory. Despite this, Paul continued to tell me, laughing slightly, that Gord insisted on doing his cutting out in the driveway, in the snow, to keep dust from getting into the Dray’s garage. Moreover, the look of the slate is one that they loved so much that I had to wait for Paul and Gord to finish discussing details of a second install through their garage entrance before I could start speaking to them! If that’s not a vote of confidence I don’t know what is.

Beyond looking marvelous, and bringing an elegant, charming and natural look into any space, this natural slate boasts the benefits of being a completely Canadian product! The Quebec supplier brings the slate in from its quarry in Nova Scotia. The slate is carried by train to the manufacturing facility in Quebec where it is transformed into a variety of architectural products including floor and wall surfaces, landscaping products, roofing shingles and other innovative products. To achieve the Drays desire for a rustic natural look, the slate was brought in as bulk and each piece was fitted into its own space. A little harder, I’ve been told, than your average puzzle, but the end result is striking and everlasting!

So now you’ve heard from three people, myself included, that Cover-Ups Flooring is exactly what you’re looking for to give your home a fresh look, turning it into a place that truly fits every home renovation goal you’ve had. The only question that remains is what’s keeping you? Time to get up, get moving and start speaking to Cover-Ups yourself. The Hutchisons, the Drays and myself all promise you won’t regret that you did.

Written by: Jillian Kent | Photography: Paul Spears

Author: LivingSpaces

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