A Seamless Addition to a Heritage Home

While building a new home can be challenging, building a new home designed to provide space for two separate family spaces within one structure, can be downright overwhelming. But for this lovely homeowner, using the resources of Dave Patterson from Cedarport Windows and Doors (who just also happens to be her son-in-law) not only took the pressure off, but was fitting for so many more reasons.

“When our family purchased this home, we knew what we wanted to do – to create two separate homes that each had great separate living spaces, but also share a blended exterior to maintain the look of a charming heritage home. We were fortunate to have a great contractor who delivered on all our needs, all the while maintaining the beauty of this home inside and out” explains Bonnie, who now has her own gorgeous living space, complete with every room showcasing some amazing views.

“I told Dave that the windows needed to be spectacular, and they needed to be everywhere” says Bonnie, “I knew what I wanted the windows to provide in my new home, but knowing where to begin was a huge task.” Thankfully not only for Bonnie, but for all of the many happy customers of Cedarport Windows and Doors, Dave is knowledgeable and helpful, when it comes to ensuring an essential piece of your home is going to be both functional and beautiful.

Bonnie’s home is no exception.

Dave explains, “We knew Bonnie wanted lots of light with beautiful views throughout. One of the interesting things about windows is that it’s the one necessity in a home that requires careful thought for both the interior and the exterior. Functionality is just as important as aesthetics, making sure everything works together and serves every purpose, based on what the home needs.”

“When choosing windows for Bonnie’s new build, I knew we needed to focus carefully on looks and budget to deliver on the overall project. So, taking that in to consideration, the patio doors on the lower level are from Strassburger Windows and Doors, where we went with a vinyl product that’s both high quality and budget friendly. This is where we, at Cedarport, can provide different options to the homeowner, thus helping to align both their needs and their wants.” For Bonnie, the choice was perfect, and allowed her to “dream big” when it came to the space inside her new suite.

From the pictures, it’s clear to see (pun intended) that the windows in this space are, in a word, stunning. Dave and his team chose Pella Windows and Doors for the large patio doors that lead to a lovely outside sitting area. “I love these patio doors” says Bonnie. “They’ve turned out beautifully and provide so much light, making this small space appear much larger and brighter, which then in turn provides me with so much joy, as I embark on a new life journey.”

Clever Feature Alert: the blinds on these doors are built within the doors themselves, a clever design element that eliminates having to dust and clean traditional blinds, making the care of the doors so much easier.

Just a few short years ago, this family suffered a great loss when Bonnie lost her beloved husband. The family came together and made the decision to purchase this home, and turn it in to a space for everyone, and where everyone would have their own space. “This is a growing option for families that want to be together, regardless of the reason, and still have their privacy” explains Dave. “The exterior look becomes essential for us at Cedarport, as we want to maintain the look and feel of a single family dwelling, one that blends in with the overall aesthetic. For this home, that meant ensuring that the heritage windows on the existing structure worked seamlessly with Bonnie’s new build. There are so many options these days, including some customizable choices, thus maintaining the overall integrity of the project can become quite easy.”

As you can see in the photos, Dave and his team nailed it. The home is stunning, and the windows from both the inside and outside views are simply gorgeous. The remaining windows finishing up this new build are from Lepage Millwork, with all of the stain tones chosen by Bonnie herself, to match the feeing she wanted, and the feeling she wanted others to share when welcomed to the space. Her choice was perfect.

Beyond the space itself and the specific needs of this blended family, the windows also gave something to Bonnie that I’m not sure even Dave is aware of. When we began our interview, Bonnie and I were standing in her new bedroom. The window view of the gorgeous sky was stunning. The bedroom itself is cozy and warm, with lovely photos of Bonnie’s loved ones, including a beautiful photo of her late husband. “I’ve been through a lot since the loss of him, our entire family has as well. When I first moved in to my new home, I was lonely, even though the family was right on the other side of that wall.” Quite literally, as Bonnie’s bedroom wall shares the same wall as her grand-daughter’s bedroom, perfect for sweet little late night knocks to say “I love you”. However, what has possibly had one of the biggest impacts on Bonnie’s ability to begin anew, is the view from her bedroom window. Bonnie shares this lovey moment with me, “One night I was lying here in bed looking out the window, and I realized that the moon was shining down on me. In that moment, the window brought him back. He was right there with me in the bedroom, he is always right there with me, and I had found a little piece of happiness and a new way to connect with him. Now every night when I go to sleep, he is there watching over me, watching over all of us, and this new beginning doesn’t seem so overwhelming anymore.”

Cedarport Windows and Doors. Creating beauty and style, often in a way that impacts our lives beyond simple form and function.

Written by: Kelli M. Maddocks | Photography: Paul Spears

Author: LivingSpaces

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