MILESTONES: Part IV: the Marriage Milestone

Written by: Meg Connell

Getting married is a MASSIVE milestone for some people. For others, it isn’t a desire or necessity in life.

Devoting yourself to someone for the rest of your life is no small feat. I am of two minds on the subject. I understand that such an absolute level of commitment can be terrifying! Though on the other hand, the absolute level of security a marriage can create between two people is beautiful. For better or for worse, you’ll always have your partner.

A young couple cheering with champagne at the beach

Under no circumstances am I suggesting that couples NEED to tie the knot in order to solidify that commitment or their devotion to each other. The hopeless romantic in me simply gravitates toward the idea of the “grand gesture”.

When I hear the word “marriage”… I get all the feels. My head spins with pictures of the celebration, the family, the friends, the food, flowers and music, the memories made…the dress! It’s so exciting!

But, realistically that isn’t marriage. That’s a wedding.

I think a lot of people are ready for a wedding. I mean, who isn’t?! A wedding is literally a party thrown to honour and congratulate two people and their love for one another. It’s the BEST excuse to eat, drink and be merry!

From the moment a couple gets engaged, I think their next question is “When is the wedding date?”.  I realize that a marriage ceremony and a wedding reception traditionally fall on the same day. However, it seems to me that people think about the celebration before the massive commitment they’re making together.

Marriage is an institution. An official union between two people. And it’s no walk in the park. Through the good, bad, ugly and beyond, keeping a happy, healthy relationship with your life partner requires hard work, love and respect.

Weddings are their own industry. From venues and vendors, to décor, beauty and apparel. They take an incredible amount of time, energy and money to plan.

Weddings are also joyous, beautiful, emotional and cherished in the memory forever.

Marriage is the life-long commitment to your partner. It’s a promise.

A wedding is the celebration of that promise.

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