MILESTONES: Part III Leaving the “Nest”

Moving out of your parent’s home for the first time is a HUGE milestone for everyone. You flew the nest!

Buying your first home is even more significant in my opinion. All those years of hard work, and little wins have finally materialized into a massive milestone. A place you can really call your own.

There are no rental agreements or damage deposits. You can renovate and decorate however you want. You can bring home a dog, or as many cats & turtles as your heart desires!

I think in many ways, the house we grow up in as children will always be considered ‘Home’. For better or for worse, that house is where we learn the ropes of life. It’s where we discover the meaning of love, respect, work ethic and security, regardless of the circumstances.

When you purchase your own home however, you get to experience those discoveries all over again. This time, on your terms and to your specifications. It’s a pretty special feeling! The idea of taking your entire life and finding a permanent place to put it, build it and potentially expand it. The thought makes me smile.

I love talking to other people about their homes. “Home” looks different to everyone. If you’re anything like me, I need my loved ones close, and my dog even closer in order to consider four walls and a roof a home.

I also need to decorate. To put my mark on the aesthetics of a space, before it really feels like mine. (My partner thinks I have a ‘pillow problem’.) But that’s okay because I don’t mention or mind his addiction to 80’s rock records and random tool kits. He is a part of ‘Home’ for me.

Some people need the country quiet, green grass, trees and space to roam. Others prefer the excitement of urban areas, constant activity, culture and gorgeous cityscapes.

Some people prefer to live alone. Some people, like me, want their families beside them. Some people prefer the company of their animals to humans!

If you are happy … I think any space can be a home. The tough part is getting there. But once you do, the sky is the limit. Make sure you bring all of the positives and lessons from previous dwellings with you. Design a home deserving of the life you fill it with.

Written By: Meg Connell

Author: LivingSpaces

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