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Life is a journey. Actually, it can be a series of journeys with people, lessons, and experiences, all which help us shape and mold our lives and our futures. Education can be instrumental in creating your life journey, and often will help you discover the direction your life can take. Choosing your path on the “journey of education” can often be overwhelming, and at times a little frightening. But the incredible staff, resources, and programs offered at the Humber College Orangeville Campus can make those pathway choices so much easier, and help make the journey exciting and successful!

We had the opportunity to sit down with the Director of the Orangeville Campus, Joe Andrews, to talk about their “Pathways Programs”, specifically when it comes to making some critical educational choices.

“There are so many variables when it comes to the matter of education. Some students who have chosen to leave high school after grade 12, deciding not to complete the ‘victory lap’ and are still not sure, or ready to go to college or university, can feel stuck”, explains Joe. “Some other individuals may have taken a few years off to work and save money, and the thought of jumping back into the education stream can seem daunting. Another demographic is the mature student that may be looking to make a career change, but after being away from a classroom for years, will need to transition back to student life slowly.”

This is where the team from Humber College Orangeville can be a tremendous source of information and assistance. When an individual is looking to continue their educational path, and as such may have many questions, Humber has a combination of Education Counsellors and Student Advisors who provide the assistance in guiding each individual in laying out all of their options.

There are two specific programs of which Joe spoke of, that offer exciting choices, and can create a strategic foundation for a student to build on as they move forward in their education goals.

The first program is the “General Arts & Sciences” Program. There are two streams for this program, which provide transferable credits for both college and university programs. In the college stream, students will improve their foundational academic skills, and gain better insight as to the direction in which they desire to move forward. The university stream allows students who may be considering degree-level studies in humanities, liberal arts, or social sciences, to get a jump start on their chosen path via transferable credits, allowing them to ease into their degree of choice.

The second program that aligns with the Humber College pathways strategy is “Design Foundations”. Joe explains; “Humber’s one-year Design Foundation certificate program gives you the skills to put your creative flair and interest in visual arts into focus as you begin a career in design. You will be trained in professional design, with a diverse curriculum that features courses in interior, graphic, packaging, and industrial design. This program offers a vast breadth and depth of experience in a variety of design areas. The experienced professors will provide the student with an industry-current perspective, while offering a broad-based preparatory design education. The curriculum helps develop design skills, techniques, and processes, learn about various professional career choices, all while developing and refining your comprehensive portfolio.”

The choice to embark on a continuing education program through Humber Orangeville will become instrumental in terms of obtaining the skills needed to make your future a success. The wonderful aspect of this smaller campus is that students can book a meeting with Joe’s talented staff to review and understand all the options available to them, before they even decide whether to undertake this new endeavour.

You can be certain that with everything the dynamic Humber College Orangeville campus has to offer, the success of your chosen pathway will be built on a solid foundation of preparation, education, and guidance.

The Humber College Orangeville Campus…

“You Don’t Need to Go Far, To Get Far!”

Written By: Kelli M. Maddocks

Author: LivingSpaces

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